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Kids and teachers at Shekinah School in Mzuzu, Malawi have no water to wash their hands after using the latrine, before they eat, or just to get a drink on hot days. I go there every November. I need help to raise enough money to have a well drilled and a pump installed.
Do you want to join me and travel there in November? If you can’t physically go can you help by giving a recurring donation? (Link on this page)

During the same trip I stop in Kenya. In the far west city of Kisumu there is a growing group of kids and adults that have been meeting under a tree to hear about God. We send money every month to allow them to rent an indoor meeting room at the local school. The Pastor has been asked to help the school teach young boys to play soccer and he also teaches them about God. Will you come with me in November? Will you donate so they can have some musical instruments, bibles, and help for the needy in their midst?

By donating to me through “Modern Day” you receive annual receipts for tax deductions since they are registered as a 501-c3 organization.

David Peschell

This country in the southeast part of Africa is a long narrow country with no know natural resources. One of the poorest nations in the world, it exists in trading tobacco, coffee and tropical freshwater fish. More than 20 languages are spoken here. English is taught in the government schools for families able to pay the fees. Poverty is everywhere. Children are found orphaned through parental abandonment, or death from HIV and Aids. Average lifespans are short. Proud people with very real needs.