David Sheldon
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Bringing the presence and revelation of God to the heart of man for healing and growth.

Sometime around 2005 in a time of prayer over Cincinnati, I heard Jesus’ words to me “If you try to save your life, you’ll lose it, but if you lose your life for My sake you’ll find it”. My response to His convicting words of truth were “Jesus, I will give my life for the men of Cincinnati”, not knowing just what that would mean. From that time, opportunities began to increase for me to fulfill that promise to him. Essentially this has looked like ministering to men in the form of hearing them share personal, deep, and unresolved issues they were facing and replying by extended times of listening and prayer guided by the insight of the Holy Spirit. This has looked like giving applicable tools to increase intimacy with the LORD for both individuals and groups in order to increase their spiritual growth. The goal is to equip people (mostly men) to grow in a deeper wholeness for themselves and their families. It is my belief that when men are truly healthy and becoming free of identity brokenness their families become healthier. Healthy families create larger healthy communities which result in a healthy city that his walking in a connected life of freedom with Jesus. The Heart Trust is named thus because I believe that God has entrusted me with access and responsibility to the hearts of men for their emotional and spiritual growth. Through the power of Jesus’ love I have seen men grow, marriages restored, addictions broken off, and intimacy with God deepen. Being a conduit for restoration is a trust I do not take lightly. If you have been touched by the love of God in this way from me in the past, I am humbly asking you to participate financially to enable others to experience the same things.Gratefully,David