Ada Disinger
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Garrett and Ada Disinger, are nationwide missionaries who are used to equip the community. They have 3 boys, Zaine, Lake and Asher. Starting in 2014, they had a vision to one day start an organization, “SafeHaven Freedom Ministries, Inc.”, and this vision came to fruition, May 2022!

They have had training with, Time to Revive; Discipleship and Equipping, Mining the Truth; Freedom and Healing, and Inspiration Ministries. They have received licensing and certification through their partnership with Overdose Lifeline. Currently they are Naloxone Distributers for the state of Indiana, are Mental Health First Aiders both for adults and youth, are Certified Peer Recovery Coaches and are facilitators for their organization’s programs; CRAFT Community Reinforcement and Family Training, PreVenture, TINAD This is Not About Drugs, and Naloxone Administering Training. They are currently working on renewing their recovery counseling certification through Mental Health America.

Garrett leads in more pastoral and care roles and has a passion to be a support to equip veterans through a program of their organization, “Indirect Fire”. Ada finds joy in leading while teaching youth to help guide them to find their purpose and confidence in who they are in Christ. She teaches tools they can use to walk out their lives fully in order to reach their goals.

They lost their son Lake, tragically on October 30, 2021 to fentanyl poisoning. They have been given a new torch to carry and add to their organization, a teen mental health and substance use recovery program, “For Lake’s Sake”. They are fighting to bring fentanyl and other drug awareness to the community and provide education and resources for this generation. By donating one time, or partnering monthly, you will help them continue to serve to reach those lost or who have wandered, looking for hope.

Thank you for encouraging them and supporting financially in the work the Lord has them doing!