Debra Cossu
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I am just wanting to share from my heart to those of you I carry in my heart and are in my prayer book. I truly love you all. God has giving me glimpses of His heart and I simply have the honor of saying yes and amen to the prayer Jesus is praying 24/7 over you!
For years before I moved to KC in 2002, I had one prayer book, that began and existed as a prayer box, I could carry with me anywhere to pray for those God had given me His heart for. I had begun praying for people as a teen after being saved and had those “prayer lists” with everyone in specific categories, and photos of individuals and families and ministries and even business cards. Then was transformed into prayer wall, right in my Livingroom where I would have people over, I was praying for in person before I moved to KC in 2002, and I had even received a big, autographed picture of President Bush because I had written to the Whitehouse stating I was praying for him. Even one of my sons’ friends remembered and mentioned that when I saw him years later at my son’s wedding! When I moved to KC it became a prayer book. One of those BIG three ring binders. However, after being on the field of prayer full-time, as of today, it is now 3 bigger books, held together by giant metal rings and those I carry are held in those plastic protection sheets!
So, today, I am writing just to give you a current glimpse of my heart as an intercessor and say thank you for your part in helping to establish me as such! Praying is not what I do…it is who I am! I wanted to give you a glimpse of the why, of why I count it such an honor to be able to remain.
“Those who hate the LORD would pretend obedience to Him, and their time [of punishment] would be forever…” Psalms 81:15 NAS
I have never heard this verse as a topic of any sermon or teaching since 1971 when I was saved, but it has been the anchor of my soul all this time.
Pretending obedience…. God sees every moment of every day in all our lives. We cannot hide anything from Him, so what does it matter if we can fool everyone around us! There is a day appointed for us all to stand before Him alone….I am believing it will be a day of joy personally, and for YOU as well.
I really do pray for YOU. My goal is, every day, to have morning devotions and evening devotions, with YOU as the focus, after worshiping the Lord and making personal supplications. I also pray in the spirit most of my waking time, even just silently in my heart where around others, so when YOU come to mind any time of the day or night I can come into agreement with Christ in your behalf.
I am so very grateful for you who have sponsored me here from the beginning, for you who have begun over the years, and for you who are no longer able to do so. IT ALL COUNTS.
If you know of any who might want to join in and sponsor me, June is usually the only time I put out a note calling for sponsors, although when began partnering with Modern day in January this year I did ask then so everyone would know I would continue to do what God brought me here to do.
*In summary, this note is to share with you all the reality of my remaining here in Kansas City as a Prayer Chaplain. I have been praying for more in my home office than I was before leaving the missions base, and in fact next week have two appointments with ones I have never met that were referred to me by others who have come over for prayer. I do really pray, without pretending, and without any religious spirit just to be “doing” something.
I pray because it is the gift and call of my life, in the fear of the Lord, with joy in my heart!
Most of you know my son David came to live with me in 2003 after he was disabled serving in Army Intelligence in Europe and is permanently disabled. In the beginning I was still able to be on base many hours each day, but over the years his condition has deteriorated, and he cannot be alone more than an hour or two when he is awake. But I have always done my best praying at home anyway! And David is still alive so is a miracle in progress, I do believe!
Romans 15:13 is a very dear prayer I often declare for us all: “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

A closer view of my heart before the Lord:

David called You his Shepherd because he could relate. I call You, my Intercessor. Because I know this is true, I am safe and provided for and loved, every moment, of every day. There is no reason for me to fear or worry about anything. There is substantial peace and a growing, joyful expectancy, to see and to receive all that is in Your heart for me. Angels are awaiting instructions about what is being discussed over my life in heaven right now! The conversation You and our Father are having over me is full of promise and grants a Living Hope. You are LORD of all, the God who exists, and will bring to fulfillment all You have caused me to believe and pray for myself, and all those I care about. You are always thinking about me. You have eyes that see and ears that hear and a heart that beats true for my welfare. All of my needs are taken care of, and You do this with joy. You really love me and want me to know how much. You are the God who sees ahead and makes provision. You don’t just grant what is needed, but YOU provide me with my preferences and bless me with what I like. You open doors of wonder and fulfillment. You arrange every needed cancellation as well! You love to surprise me with more than I have asked or imagined. You are so generous and extravagant. All those entrusted to my prayers, are impacted by Your heartbeat within me. Thank You for teaching me how to pray. I have a growing courage and confidence in bearing Your heart, because I know You pray for me. You insist on what is best for me and carve out times of rest so I can be refreshed in Your petitions over me, and then partner with You rightly. You calm and quiet my heart when I do not understand and silence all accusations that come. You even assign angelic intervention and activity to assure the circumstances and relationships and conversations of my life are working together for my good. I finally do believe this! Your prayers have taken me beyond restoration. Beyond even resurrection and all the way to transformation. This is Your joy! I am not a bother or burden. Your prayers are impacting and changing everything that touches my life. Not just getting things back to the beginning for a fresh start, or to the way things were, once upon a time that I thought was so good, but to how they should have been all along. I am becoming who You have always known me to be. Every moment is another closer to arriving and standing by Your side forever. Your prayers have cleansed my spirit and soul and body from all unrighteousness and every defilement. I am a new creation, still becoming who You created me to be. I know now, my life is Your prayer. Your love, and Your life in me is being poured out through me with every breath granted in this age. Nothing evil can harm me, not really. I am never alone. I am protected and comforted by You personally. You fight for me. The reality of Your goodness and mercy are the deposit everywhere I go. It is the memory of every event and the expression in each conversation. My life really matters. It always has and always will. I joyfully insist upon Your will. Mine is a wonderful life. I say yes and amen in full agreement with You. Thank You.