Domenica Zileri
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Peruvian Domenica Zileri is a missionary teacher at YWAM’s Chrisitian Heritage School (CHS) in Tyler Texas. She teaches Science subjects and, through them, imparts God’s principles of power, order, love, beauty and creativity to her students. In this way and, with God’s wisdom and power, inspires the next generation to love God and to live lives that will bring a lasting benefit to society.Domenica and her two children, Spencer and Victoria, moved to Tyler, Texas in 2013. together as a family are part of CHS principle approach education, as a teacher and as students. Domenica received training in Teachers for the Nations (TFN) and deeply understands the important role and responsibility of women in society and life itself. She understands that a woman is a teacher who can mold the developing minds of her own children at home and who can impact the children of others in the classroom.Her faith, her biology degree, her role as a woman, and her role as a mother have allowed her to understand her calling and to serve the Lord in the life-changing ministry of Christian education.

Newsletter (July, 2017)Seeing God through Science

“You alone are God. You have made the skies and the heavens, the earth and the seas, and everything in them. You preserve it all; and all the angels of heaven worship you.”                  Nehemiah 9:6 (TLB)

Christian Heritage School (CHS)Tyler, TexasKETK Special Report

Teachers for the Nations (TFN)Tyler TexasDr. Kilkenny, founder of TFN, explaining the Providencial Education. This school is a YWAM program to equip teachers to educate this generation with Christian Principles.