Edward (Ed) Lane
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After twenty years of practicing law, and 37 years of Christianity, the Lord put it on my heart to study scripture as if I was back in law school, finding answers to all of my theological questions and building my confidence in the word. One year later he put it on my heart to close my law practice and go to the streets every weekday, sharing the pure gospel message of sin, repentance and the mercy of Jesus (always with a smile), while feeding and clothing the poor.I talk to people one-on-one at gas stations, big box stores, home improvement stores and wherever people gather. I offer free tracts and Bibles (in English and Spanish), and I carry packages with food, water and socks to give to the many homeless people I meet.Loving and encouraging them in Christ is a large part of my ministry.

My  territory includes Vero Beach to the north and the Florida Keys,to the south.

it’s now been well over 8 years, and I love it like it was my first week. The Lord has clothed me with a gentle confidence and His joy, and he has given me a wonderful pastor to mentor and guide me. My hope is that the Lord will sustain my ministry til my last day on earth.

My wife (of 30 years) and I also take part in Child Evangelism Fellowship once a week at a local elementary school. We offer the kids bible stories, the gospel, and friendship. We love getting the word of God in their hearts at a young age. My wife teaches the woman’s Bible study at church and offers free biblical counseling to women both inside and outside our church.

The link below explains shows exactly what I do each day, and how I do it:


Edward (Ed) Lane