Emily Frey
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Regional Director | South Central, Central Gulf & Interim for Texas


It’s been four years since we watched the Lord abruptly shut the door on international student ministry with the BCM at OCU, and turned our energy to supporting Perspectives across Oklahoma & Arkansas (South Central), Mississippi & Louisiana (Central Gulf), and most recently as interim for Texas.

Regional Directors oversee classes and leaders while strategizing to grow and expand partnerships based on the local movement. The role involves recruiting local, long-term volunteers to Area Ministry Teams in partnership with churches to drive vision and strategy for Kingdom transformation through ongoing classes.

After volunteering the last seven years with this organization, we are now trusting the Holy Spirit to lead you and your family in partnering with us in this Kingdom work. Set up a time to hear more from us as we move towards bringing revival to the Church through transformative education and mobilization towards mission!

What is Perspectives?

Perspectives USA is a 15-lesson education course exploring different aspects of God’s global purpose in a multi-faceted learning experience. We partner with churches of all denominations (or not) nationwide to mobilize by educating the Body of Christ in the USA to strategic engagement in God’s global purpose.

Its unlike any other “class” you have taken–in where and how it is planned and hosted:

  • as a semester course with several levels of commitment (credit & non-credit options, for all adult ages)
  • hosted from (and in partnership) local churches or universities
  • 15 different weekly instructors brought in to share on key topics of expertise
  • coordinated by a locally trained team of alumni with hearts for transformational discipleship
  • so many Kingdom workers claim taking Perspectives to be a key part of their faith journey in obeying the call to be set apart for the field, their city, or their neighbors


The organization that supports these classes, leaders, and partners exists to awaken the Church to pursue the fulfillment of God’s global purpose within every people for His glory. Staff and volunteers assure our ministry is relational, financially sustainable, focused on locally-based mobilization, and continuous improvement. Perspectives was first launched following Urbana 1973 as a way of providing strategic education to young adults who were interested in global mission service. Since then, the US program has grown into a mobilization movement among local churches with nearly 250 classes (with over 8000 students), 2000 active volunteers, and nearly 1000 instructors annually.