Everett and Virginia Williamson
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Hi! Welcome to our page and thank you for your interest in what we are up to!  We got married on July 22, 2022 and have stepped into full time missions work as a newly married couple. Both of us are passionate about the great commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and seeing Jesus get His full reward all over the earth. We have been to over 15 countries to bring the love of Jesus to all different types of people.  Currently, we are serving with our church in Spokane, Washington running discipleships schools for young people all over the world! Our heart is to see young people go through our school and come out confident in their walk with Christ and the plans and purposes He has for them. We are starting the school from the ground up, so there are a ton of practical/ administrative things we are doing, but our passion is to pastorally point people to a deeper relationship with God and knowing their identity in Christ as sons and daughters.


We are in this for the long haul! God has called both of us to long term missions and we know that will take us all over the world. We have a huge heart for the Middle East and Central Asia, and see ourselves moving there in the next few years. However, we are also constantly listening to what Holy Spirit has for us next, and we will go where ever God wants us!   Stay updated with us by sending your email and we will sign you up with ours newsletter. We send out an update every 2 or 3 months, as well as big testimonies as often as we get them!