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Hey there!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read a little bit about me, Sara Anderson and my ministry, Evidence of Grace. Essentially, my story is a mix of the woman at the well and Mary Magdalen. I hope this little bio helps you understand my background and where were are headed with Jesus in a way that inspires you to believe Him for of the victory in Christ available to you and your loved ones, no matter where you find yourself or those you love.

I came to faith in Christ as a young girl, I was 7 years old and felt the Lord calling me to be baptized. I fell in love with Him and wanted to serve Him all the days of my life. Unfortunately, the enemy saw my zeal and he sought to crush me and there were many spiritual attacks that came against me over the years the pulled me towards the ways of the world. It was not until I was 19 and pregnant that I found myself negating in the fight for my freedom. At this second conversion of my faith the Lord took me to much deeper waters with Him and I planted deep roots. I have known I was called to minister the gospel and have ministered the gospel for as long as I can remember. There has not ever been an era of my life that I was not telling people about the love of Jesus, even if in many eras of my life I was telling people about the love of Jesus while licking my wounds. I was living in acceptance of being all battered and bruised from my journey because I had ZEOR concept of waging a good warfare and how to fight back the enemy.

After decades of getting my butt kicked and limping around loving Jesus I had an encounter with the Lord that led me to become bound and determined to learn how to gain ground with the Lord and experience the freedom He set us free for in all of life. 

In the midst of this journey that I now understand was a journey of seeking the glory of God here on earth, I heard the Lord tell me that my message was to, “tell the masses, that He is God”. I had no idea what that looked like or what that message fully entailed I just knew that He was speaking it to my heart and that that was the message He had assigned me to give. 

Initially tt was a call I wanted to run away form because I had already been so beat up on the mission field of life I couldn’t imagine having a formal ministry and the warfare that that would incur and I begged Him not to send me. I was already all but crushed by the enemy I couldn’t imagine what the enemy would do to me If I stepped out even further in faith apart from telling the next person next in informal settings. 

It took about 3 years of the Lord consistently showing up dueling worship sessions speaking the same calling and message over me, for me to finally accept the call and trust that He had good plans for me and was not looking to harm me but to give me a hope and a future even in formal ministry. 

At this point all I had to give was my yes and a hand full of prophetic words spoken over me and the Lord saw that as enough. 

The ministry didn’t start to form and I didn’t really understand the call to “tell the masses that He is God” until about 3 years ago when he introduced me to deliverance, healing and miracles ministry of Holy Spirit.

Over time I had started to dip my toe into formal ministry and stepped out trying to discern His leading step by step. Where I started was with a website where I could post the occasional blog and offer discipleship/mentorship classes and sessions teaching people how to connect with the Lord and how to hear the voice of God through the word and a journaling method that I had developed. 

It was really well received by the people we were serving but we kept having supernatural encounters and I had no idea what was happening. I had no frame of reference for supernatural experiences and so I put that ministry on hold while I proceeded to go on a new journey with the Lord of finding explanations for why people were acting so strangely in sessions, why they often felt like they were burning up and “on fire” and what to do with the prophetic words I was speaking that kept coming to pass/being confirmed. 

On this journey, I finally found a deliverance ministry that introduced me to the supernatural side of things. I pretty quickly realized this was the stream I had been swimming in my whole life and particularly in the ministry I had been leading yet had no words for it or a way to wield it. Naturally I dove head first into learning everything I could about the supernaturally ministry of Holy Spirit!

For nearly 3 years I traveled all over the united states to learn form all sorts of supernatural ministries of healing and deliverance and miracles. After many healing sessions for my self and hours and hours of study I was able to go back to the classes that I had been leading. 

I made some edits to make room for the Holy Spirt to set people free through divine encounters with Christ through a simple but sweet process of growing closeness and friendship with the Lord through, confession and repentance and delighting in relationship with the Lord through His word. 

My gift of hearing the voice of the good Shepard is one that I want to train the whole world in. 

I believe that had my parents been trained in hearing the voice of the Lord and how to wage good warfare my whole story would have been different and I would not have wasted all of those years being kicked around in the dirt by the enemy.

I believe that if we equip people in their relationships with the Lord we will see fewer families suffer needlessly. 

There were so many time periods of my life that, had I been raised or trained to known that I really could and did hear God instead of just blocking it all out from confusion, my life story would have been one with way less turmoil and suffering.

I want to save people the heart ache I suffered by teaching others of all ages just how good, real and present God is and how healing and friendship with Him is possible. 

I want to show people His glory and  now I WANT to “tell the masses that He is God”. I no longer fear the enemy because in the process of walking into my calling I have found His perfect love and it has cast out all fear! 

How marvelous is that? 

My ministry is completely free because I do not want finances to be a block to anyone experiencing the gifts the Lord has freely given me. One of the main ways we are accessible to people is though the online zoom journaling method I created. I have taking about 7 years to formulate my,” Journaling With Jesus” method. I use this method to teach and train people to hear the vole of God and truly become friends of God. I also equip them to be warriors for the kingdom of God by knowing their authority in Christ and the full call on the christians life. 

I am excited that a few doors have started to open for me and my team to start traveling to speak and teach and demonstrate the truth that He is God and He is full of awesome power and longs to be good to us His friends and children.

We hope that you will not only be inspired to Join us on this mission of, “telling the masses that He is God but that you will let us serve you and the you love! 

Sara Anderson 

Evidence of Grace 

Sara Anderson