Kirk & Honour Fraiser
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Kirk & Honour Fraiser serve many different ministries through communications, graphic design, marketing, translation projects, Zoom administration, and video producing and editing. Honour serves as a communications hub and project manager for graphic designs, website management, translation projects, and more. Kirk’s expertise in IT resource development and management fill a strategic niche toward completing the Great Commission in frontier missions. Kirk and Honour trust in the Lord’s guiding and provision as they serve the wider body of Christ especially with a heart for Prayer for the Unreached and for Disciple Making Movements around the world.

The Global Family 24-7 Online Prayer Room launched January 1, 2021 as a continuous online Zoom room created for the global body of Christ to come together in one online room to pray and worship the Father together. Prayer facilitators from all 6 continents, over 50 nations, in more than 25 languages have been leading the Global Family Prayer Room since the launch on January 1, 2021. There has been unceasing prayer, worship, and intercession around the throne room of Heaven in the digital atmosphere. We invite all to join us for the hours we help facilitate on Tuesdays at 7 PM Central Time. For more information or to join the prayer room anytime/anyday: click here. Kirk is the Technical Director for the Global Family. He helps with live-streaming the “Church” service every Friday, video editing, and coordinating the different tech leads for the online Zoom room.  Honour is helping with managing and keeping up-to-date the website, weekly communications, monthly translations into an average of 7 languages, and social media marketing for the weekly GFP Church.

10 Days of Prayer is a prayer meeting for your entire city! The goal is a season where Jesus Christ is the focus of every heart in your geographical area for 10 complete days. 10 Days 2022 saw over 300 physical locations participating around all 6 continents with many doing 24/7 prayer during the 10 Days. Many of these locations were in the 1040 Window or regionally known at the area with the most unreached people groups. 10 Days 2023 will be from September 15 – 25. It’s celebrated simultaneously in cities and towns around the world on an annual basis. Over 150 locations from all six continents participated in 10 Days 2020. Kirk is the Technical Director for 10 Days. Honour serves in communications, graphic design, translation management, social media, and website development.

The global Ethnê movement focuses on the 29% of the world, also known as the Forgotten Fourth World, that have little or no access to the gospel. These forgotten people groups are called “unreached” because there are less than 2% evangelical believers in their people group. Ethnê’s multi-organizational & denominational members partner to celebrate progress that has taken place to reach the forgotten people groups, to assess the status of movements to Christ, and to accelerate new movements to Christ in order to close the gaps. Matthew 28:19 says, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Kirk & Honour, as members of the Global Ethnê Prayer Team, help facilitate gatherings for the global leadership team and the regional teams in order to collaborate and keep track of their progress toward partnering in prayer with field teams that are igniting movements to Christ among these families of neglected people groups. For example, this partnership includes being onsite prayer teams for regional gatherings, offering strategic prayer walking prior to field evangelism, and providing training on further prayer strategies. Kirk is revamping communications between groups, providing resources in secure sites, and mobilizing prayer for these teams. Honour manages the Ethnê Prayer website updating and adding Prayer for the unreached resources.

Seeing prayer as the indispensable key to the unfinished task, Kirk & Honour help facilitate prayer trainings, organize gatherings, and share prayer resources through the global Fellowship of Prayer Strategists, another outgrowth of the Ethnê movement. Honour has been a part of putting together prayer booklets, specifically the 90 Days of Blessing following after the Global Day of Prayer and some regional prayer guides. She has been managing the Fellowship of Prayer Strategists website which catalogs prayer resources by Prayer Strategy. There are nineteen different Prayer Strategies; some examples of Prayer Strategies are Prayer as Evangelism, Prayer as Member Health, and Listening Prayer and Intimacy with God. Kirk is working on building modern communications between the global team and the regional teams, as well as, managing a variety of prayer projects during development.

Both Kirk and Honour were missionary kids. Their background of Kirk growing up under Wycliffe parents serving in the Philippines and Honour growing up across Asia under her parents starting movements to Christ and discipleship training make their foundations strong. Their hearts have always longed to serve the Lord in missions and they finally feel the Lord is opening the door as they serve these multiple ministries fulfilling the Great Commission. They see missions as an exciting adventure that they feel that God has been raising them up to for years.

They currently reside in Dallas, Texas with their two young daughters and Honour’s mother, Liz Adleta.