Francisco & Ginny Luna
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We are the Luna’s Family. We live in Lima-Peru and for the last 18 years we’ve had the honor to be part of Camino de Vida staff, what we want the most, is to make church attractive, show that there’s a space for everybody.

About us


Ginny is one of the directors for the Leadership Intensive program (IDL) where over 300 students, both full and part-time are engaged in practical ministerial training. 


Francisco also continues to be the creative director for all major church-wide events, such as conferences, Christmas and Easter productions, and other special occasions throughout the year. He also is a part of the team that has helped build and develop all of our online weekend services during the pandemic. 

Francisco and Ginny have served in a wide variety of capacities in the last 18 years in the church. From youth pastors, worship leaders, directors of the school of ministry, creative directors, and event planning. Currently they both serve on the pastoral staff as campus pastors for the Miraflores campus and are on the church-wide speaking team. 

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Your generosity will help their family continue to serve the local church in unique and creative ways that help build a stronger local church and a stronger future.

Be part of our family