Gabby & Mateo Alzate
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Hi friends!

Welcome! We are Mateo and Gabby – passionate urban missionaries, steadfast advocates for justice, and determined community developers committed to making an impact in the bustling Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. We are here to serve, inspire, and work towards a brighter, more hope-filled future.

We serve at Because Justice Matters, a Christ-centered ministry building pathways to brighter futures for women, girls, and families in urban communities in San Francisco. We believe everyone deserves a chance to thrive, regardless of their background or circumstances. At the heart of everything we do is Christ’s hope and love.

Mateo, with his rich history of missionary work across Central and South America, brings a deep understanding of faith-driven service. His background in Christian Leadership and Youth Ministry strengthens our organization with a unique perspective and a firm commitment to our mission.

Gabby, BJM’s tireless Executive Director, has devoted her entire adult life advocating for women, girls, and justice causes in San Francisco. Her unwavering dedication and passion are instrumental in driving our mission forward.

We believe in empowering the next generation of leaders, investing in their potential, and providing them with the resources they need. Our approach is one of long-term, consistent presence in the community, reflecting our commitment to sustainable efforts and real transformation.

But we cannot do it alone. We strongly believe in collective action and the power of collaboration. We invite you – potential donors, volunteers, and prayer partners – to join us. Participate in the transformative work that we’re doing. Your support allows us to continue to act as a beacon of hope in our beloved city, particularly to youth and families, often the most affected by systemic barriers and injustice.

Together, we can build the Kingdom of God on Earth, a place of justice, righteousness, and Shalom. We see a future where our neighbors thrive and everyone can equitably access opportunities, live a life free from oppression, and fulfill their God-given potential.

This is our mission. This is our commitment. And we ardently invite you to be part of this journey. Partner with us. Pray with us. Donate today. As we strive to illuminate the path to God’s love and hope, your support makes our mission possible.

Thank you for your interest, your prayers, and your support. We are excited to partner with you, and with God, to continue to serve the city we love so much. Let’s build the Kingdom of God together.

In faith and gratitude,

Mateo and Gabby Alzate
and our missionary pup, Luna

Our prayer, adapted from Psalm 27:13

“We remain confident of this: we will see the goodness of the Lord in our beloved City, San Francisco, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”