Hannah Anderson
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Hannah has served as a Missionary Artist for almost 20 years. 

Her vision is to see the hearts of artists and audiences come alive. 


Hi, friend! I am a Kansas City native, military wife and mother of two, and have been creating in partnership with Jesus all my life.

I am a professional choreographer and dancer by trade, but my calling is to be a missionary to artists. The dance industry is often spiritually confused, sexually perverted and full of artists who struggle with intense emotional brokenness. My goal is to intentionally engage with those in my industry, inviting them to experience the freedom of loving Jesus and helping them mature into creating with the mind of Christ. I want to see artists walk in wholeheartedness, freedom and supernatural creativity in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

I have danced, choreographed and ministered all over the country, but my mission remains the same in every capacity – to inspire greater emotional freedom in artists and audiences alike. I am deeply passionate about creatives allowing the difficulties in life to form their hearts and inform their work. I believe that as this generation of leader artists practices wholeheartedness in their craft, they will lead a revolution in the arts industry and their surrounding communities! 

My ministry often looks like discipling young artists, choreographing/performing work that shares the message of the Kingdom and serving as part of a worship team with ministries during worship conferences. Over the past 15 years, I have served with Ad Deum Dance Company, Maranatha Arts Collective, Open Sky Arts Collective and many other organizations. 

Thank you for considering partnering with me in my mission to see the hearts of artists and audiences come alive.


Hannah Anderson

Current Projects:

I am currently leading a performance company/mentorship called Earthen Image Movement, where I work weekly with young artists. Our end of year concert, For the Beauty of the Earth, is a full-length concert that honors both the exhilarating joy and the deep sorrow of the human experience, infusing audience members with hope and courage to fully engage with their one precious life on this beautiful earth. In this concert, our primary goal is to partner with the Holy Spirit as the perfect witness bearer – embodying his peace, nearness and presence in our stories and inviting the audience into an experience that results in hope and courage.

For a glimpse into our process, watch the video below. Password: beauty