Hayden Lillard
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Hayden Lillard is a worship pastor called to minister before the Lord and lead others into His presence. Led by the Lord he, his wife, Anna Lise, and two daughters, Aaliyah and Finley, moved to Orlando, Florida to heal from the loss of their son, Amos, and renew their call to full time ministry. Amos lived a miraculous life for 5 months with severe genetic disorders and is forever a part of the ministry of his family. Currently, in Orlando, Hayden is attending his third year of Jesus School allowing him the personal ministry space needed to find restoration and simultaneously receive fresh vision for the future. Jesus School is a discipleship school under the leadership of Jesus Image Church, pastored by Michael and Jessica Koulianos. Their mission is to lead those that are hungry to live the ways of Jesus through first love, extensive Bible teaching, unhindered worship, and sharing the true Gospel across Orlando. In addition to attending his third year Hayden will also be interning at the school as a presence group leader and serving on the worship team.

Hayden is inviting family and friends, both old and new, to join with what the Lord is doing in him and his family through monthly financial partnership for the 2023-2024 school year while he is equipped for whatever the next season holds. This partnership allows Hayden to fully give himself to his highest callings as husband, father, and minister before the Lord. Your partnership is of highest value both in prayer and financial support.