Heidi Holmes
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“If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?”David Livingstone

Hi, my name is Heidi! My fiancé and I work in ministry in the Middle East. Since I was 14 years old, I’ve had a desire to labor as a cross-cultural missionary, but I never imagined it would lead me to work in the place I do today. This country is home to 68 different people groups- 45 of which are still unreached with the gospel. This once gospel rich land is now saturated with Islam, and is greatly in  need of laborers to come and work in this harvest field. My desire is to partner with the burning heart of Jesus by proclaiming the gospel in its fullness to those who have never heard, and by the power of the Spirit, to make disciples who will in turn make disciples of their own.

My fiancé is actually a Muslim background believer from the country we currently live and work in. A few years ago, some of my male friends were out sharing the gospel with people and met my now fiancé for the first time. They shared the gospel and began a relationship with him that eventually resulted in his choice to follow Jesus, and make his life aim to make disciples in the Middle East. Reading the Word and spending time in prayer seeking to know God massively impacted not only his choice to follow Jesus, but also produced a desire in his heart to work as a missionary in the Middle East as a whole. This is the same thing we’re praying for and believing will take place in the hearts of many more people here in the Middle East. 


Ways to Pray

-Pray that the gospel would go forth rapidly and be glorified in this country.

-Pray for boldness for believers here to share the gospel with their friends and family.

-Pray for believers here to remain steadfast and to endure in the face of persecution.