Sarah Granquist
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I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved

and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

– John 10:9-10


Greetings, my name is Sarah Mae Granquist. I grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Jesus has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. All throughout my life I have desired to work in ministry. I have served in the church in various capacities for over 13 years. In middle school, I began attending biblical leadership training at a local bible camp. This is where my passion for knowing God and sharing the gospel was born. All throughout high school I was known as one who loved Jesus and shared His love with others. This passion for sharing Jesus’ love carried with me into my college years where I studied Songwriting and Biblical Discipleship. It was there where my love for Jesus entered depths I never knew were possible! After college, God began preparing my heart to step into an exciting new path of ministry I had never considered before: Church Planting! This is where I find myself today.



I am the Children’s Director at a new church plant called The Journey Church. We are a Bible-Based, Spirit-Led, Compassion-Driven Community. Our church believes that children are vitally important to the Kingdom of God. In fact, a national survey revealed that people who embrace Jesus before the age of 13 are more likely to remain absolutely committed to Jesus throughout their life than those who accept Jesus in their teenage or adult years. In fact, the statistics show that if they don’t receive salvation before that age, they are 70% less likely to give their lives to Jesus at any other stage. Knowing this, it’s important that we take children’s ministry seriously. Our main mission as The Journey Kids is to help every child BELONG in community, BELIEVE in Jesus, BECOME followers, and BUILD God’s Kingdom. This means that every Sunday school gathering should accomplish the following four components:

We create a friendly and safe environment for children to encounter God’s presence and loving community. We invite each child to have an authentic and personal relationship with Jesus.  We teach by doing, so the children can be equipped to live a Christ-Centered life. We multiply the Kingdom of God as each child begins to live out who they are in Christ.



We live in a broken world and I believe every city has a need for Jesus in their own way. The enemy has specifically targeted Seattle to the point it has gained the reputation of being a place of spiritual darkness. In a recent study conducted by Barna Group, it places Seattle as one of the top 10 post-christian cities in America. To qualify as a post-christian city the majority of individuals identify as atheist, have never made a commitment to Jesus, have not attended church in the last year or have not read the Bible in the last week. The enemy is specifically targeting the youth of Seattle. Growing up in a post-christian society, children in Seattle are being fed twisted definitions of truth and it’s having a direct effect on their mental health. In Washington State, an average of 2.6 young people ages 10 – 24 commit suicide each week. The data shows that specifically in King County youth suicide rates have been on the rise prior to and throughout the pandemic. Though these statistics and facts seem daunting, I follow a God who is GREATER than all the world’s darkness combined! I know God has great plans for Seattle and I am excited to be a part of what He is doing! 



You may be asking, “Since Seattle is experiencing such intense spiritual darkness, why aren’t more Christians storming the city with the light of Jesus?” There could be a number of reasons why this is not happening but a portion of the problem is finances. Seattle’s cost of living is 50% higher than the national average. Since we are a new church we do not have sufficient funds to have paid staff members. However, God has called me to trust Him with my finances so I can put all my energy into building the Children’s Ministry and helping grow the Kingdom of God in Seattle! It takes time and investment to reach the children of this city, and it is highly likely that the parents will be won to Jesus through their children, and not the other way around. It will take time to connect, grow trust, and build relationships. It will take resources to not only serve these families on Sundays, but to go out of the walls of the church to share Jesus with them where they are.  I am asking for 3 years of support, totaling $2,200 a month to help cover my basic living expenses. If you feel any ounce of burden in your heart for the deep needs in Seattle, I’d like to invite you to give to the mission. As well as asking for financial support,  I would also love prayer! It is your prayers and petitions to God that will help encourage me and push back the darkness.



Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your prayerful generosity! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out; I’d love to tell you more and share my journey with you! 

Sarah Granquist

(920) 636-6516

Sarah Granquist

Discipleship doesn’t stop after Sunday School.

The children in Seattle are living in a post-christian city. Many of the children we will serve may have parents who are unbelievers. Investing in them outside of church will show Jesus’ love not only to the child but the parents as well! Your donation will help provide the resources I need to show up for these kids in their everyday lives! I hope to attend as many school programs, sporting events, and family dinners as possible!