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Petr came to faith at a Christian English camp shortly after attending University. Since then he has been actively involved in ministry – he was a youth leader and later became a church elder. Throughout this time he has been driven by a desire to seek and save unbelievers for Christ. That’s why he also started a new missional outreach ministry using experiences and creativity – for example drama, storytelling, art therapy, role playing games, improvisation, larp, exitrooms…
In 2018 he was called to plant a new church at Ostrava city called CREX (short for creativity and experience | or Christus Rex) which is for playful people who would never come to church.
As a pastor he is using his gifts such as leadership, teaching, discipleship…
He also helps churches across the country to start experience-based teen outreach ministries.

Together with his wife Ivana they have 4 children, 2 cats, 1 dog and 7 chinchillas.

CREX church is part of the – platform for the foundation and support of local churches that cooperate, support each other, strive for synergy, and desire the growth of the Church as described by the first church in Acts 16:5 „SO THE CHURCHES WERE STRENGTHENED IN THE FAITH AND GREW DAILY IN NUMBERS.“ (NIV)