Ayhan & Liz Sofuoglu
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We are passionate about sharing God’s love and Truth.  Our vision is to serve the Body of Christ by sharing a timely and critical message of purification for the bride of Christ in America to awaken and be ready for Jesus’ second coming.   The American church, known as a beacon of light & place of committed Christianity, has slowly embraced the status quo and is in danger of becoming a slave to all forms of ungodliness.   As a family, we have been called out of one of the largest unreached nations in the world (Turkey), for such a time as this,  to challenge and reawaken one of the most reached nations in the world!   Jesus is coming back soon and He wants His bride ready, set apart and purified from the ways of the world.   We strive to bring this message through every open church door, as we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.