Isidor Bajic
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I pastor a church in Senta, Serbia and have been in ministry with my wife, Eva, for over 30 years. We have two beautiful daughters, Lydia and Tamara. I had the privilege to attend CFNI in Dallas in my early 20’s, and upon returning to Serbia, to work under Victor Sabo, a great man of God who pastored and touched so many lives has allowed us to serve, as well, in Bosnia and Herzogovina, and now also in Albania through Eastern European Mission, an outreach group that helps new young churches and pastors.  Serving God and helping establish his kingdom in Serbia and the Balkans is a great blessing, but also a great challenge. The economy is very poor and many young people and families are leaving to find work in other European countries. However, we also have many refugees who have come, hoping to get further north in Europe, but have not been allowed, so this is another outreach, though a difficult one. We love our nation and what God has called us to do here. Please partner with us to experience the wonderful things God has planned for this country.

SERBIA is a country on southeast Europe’s Balkan peninsula. War, poverty, and unemployment have caused many challenges in this country. It is largely Eastern Orthodox in religion. The greatest proportion of evangelical Christians in Serbia is only among the Hungarian, Slovak, and Roma Gypsy minorities. The Muslim population is quickly growing. Our hearts long to see Jesus Christ lifted high in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. We want to see many people receive Jesus into their hearts and experience changed lives.Please pray for us that we may be a beacon to Christ to the lost in our country