Israel & Adita Chavez
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Israel & Adita Chavez

Ministry Staff at Favor Church

After 17 years as staff of the Camino de Vida church, The Chavez Family has begun a new exciting chapter in their lives as Full time Missionaries.

We are moving to Tampa, Florida, where we will be serving at Favor Church, under the leadership of Pastors Diego and Patty Bullon. This new season with Favor Church involves working by helping in the equipment area of ​​the Church, as well as the worship team. We are part of the lead team on campus performing tasks such as discipleship, evangelism, teaching and preaching when necessary.

How can you help?

We are really going to need various types of support, we are sure that you can help us with any of these:

    1. 1. Prayer support. We need a prayer team. A group of people that can be praying over us as we make this transition to the US and as we fundraise. We know that this stage will not be easy and we want to have all the support in prayer that we can, we are going to need it.


    1. 2. Financial support. Our immigration status does not allow us to work in the traditional sense, so we need people who want to support our work at Favor Church as a full time missionary family. We need monthly partners as well as one time donors. Please we ask that you pray about giving and if you feel led to do so, you can go to our Modernday page, where you will find a link so that you can send us your monthly or one time donation.


  1. 3. Spread the word. We know that you have friends or acquaintances who might be interested in supporting us in one of the 2 ways mentioned above. So if you can, repost what we put on our social networks, that way we can reach more people who can help us and keep us in their prayers.

We want to end by saying that we are trusting in the Lord in every step we take. We know that by saying “Yes” to his call we are entering the safest place for us, where we do his will and he goes before us. So here we go!!!

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