James Anderson
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MEET JAMES I was born and raised in the beautiful PNW in Spokane, WA. I never really imagined I’d be in missions. At the age of 12, I received a prophecy about “nations” and at the age of 14, I read a book that intrigued me. Beyond that I never really thought much of it. When I was 18 I went to a stadium gathering in LA called Azusa Now. I lifted my shoes to the Lord that crying out, “Here am I, send me!” I didn’t realize what this day would change my life forever. Since then, God has burdened me for the nations. I long to see youth and young adults with burning hearts, living lives of devotion and purity. I long to see worship and prayer arise from every nation on earth. I long to see families made whole. Ultimately, I long for the gospel to permeate every area of society and for the bride of Christ to be purified and made whole.

NORWAY I’m currently serving with YWAM(Youth with a Mission) in Norway. I lead a worship team called The Sound. We exist to glorify God and strengthen the Church by serving through worship. We’re based out of YWAM Grimerud, which is the largest of the eight YWAM bases in Norway. Part of our time is spent traveling Norway and Europe leading worship at churches or events. We also love to write songs and our working on recording and producing music.

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