Jaxson Savieo
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I am a 23 year-old missionary working full-time with Circuit Riders in Huntington Beach, CA!

My mission:
In this season, my primary focus is to reach my generation (Gen-Z) for Jesus. While working with Circuit Riders, this will look like a number of things, a few of them being: life-on-life discipleship with male students as a mentor and/or house leader, organizing tours of revival nights on campuses or in churches in the US and abroad, and creating spaces for men of all ages to be encouraged and called into their God-given role as leaders in their homes and in the body of Christ. Other things include fitness ministry, worship, street preaching, and equipping the body of Christ for evangelism! My heart burns to see the young men and women of my generation freed from sin and equipped to evangelize the whole world. I want to see the Great Commission fulfilled!

About me:
I graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. I have a huge passion for fitness and sports, and I have a strong desire to use these gifts of mine to bring people to Jesus! I was saved at 17 as a senior in high school. I grew up in a good family but we did not talk about Jesus or God or the Bible, and so I really had no idea who Jesus was until I got into high school. I was invited to youth group as a sophomore and that’s when it seemed that God was really working on my heart. My attendance was off and on over the next few years, but I slowly kept growing more curious about Jesus. The beginning of my senior year saw the largest things in my life thrown into question — sports and a relationship. I got a nasty concussion that took away half of my senior football season and I felt the relationship with my high school girlfriend begin to shake… a combination of things that saw me running to God to find answers. I started out pursuing God for what He could give me — healing and a better relationship — and I found the only One who ever satisfied the thirsting in my soul for purpose and love!

God Dreams:
I want to work with Circuit Riders for as long as the Lord leads me to do so. The amount of kingdom impact they are having all over the world is incredible and I want to be a part of it! God has recently been bringing nations in the 10-40 window into my attention, and I felt God prompting me to pray for this term to disappear completely. I pray for every nation in the 10-40 window and I desire each one of them to be so flooded with the love of God, and people from my generation willing to give their lives for the gospel, that the term “unreached” is no longer used! I know it’s daunting but if God put it in me, I know He will bring it to completion someday.

Thank you for your consideration in partnering with me as I seek to equip the saints and fulfill the Great Commission!