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Jerusalem Bible Institute


JBI exists to train leaders and congregants of the Messianic Jewish Movement in Israel along with Christian partners from among the nations, for the work of the Kingdom of God


A unique Bible College for preparing leaders in Israel


The purpose of the Jerusalem Bible Institute is to train leaders and congregants in the Messianic Jewish Movement in Israel, grounding them in both Word and Spirit, through theological education alongside hands-on ministry experience in partnership with their local congregational leaders.

In fulfilling these goals we are committed to teaching our students how to properly study and interpret the Bible, to teach and apply its truths, and to foster spiritual renewal.


*Biblical Beliefs & Values*


Messianic Jewish

We promote a theology that is post-supersessionist, affirming that the Jewish people are still God’s elect nation [or “people”?].

We believe that Jews who come to faith in Yeshua are called to live out their witness to God through their Jewish identity and as members of the worldwide Body of Messiah.

Our school is in broad agreement with the historic Apostolic and Reformation faith as reflected in the contemporary declaration of faith of the World Evangelical Alliance. Alongside this affirmation, we seek to clarify and enrich our agreement through our understanding of the role of the Jewish people, Torah, and the Land of Israel in the plan and purposes of God.


Grounded in the Word

Our teaching and discipleship is grounded in the foundation of the authority and inspiration of the Scriptures as we seek to train our students to rightly handle God’s Word.

We see this as essential to discipleship, servant leadership, and fruitful ministry. Therefore all of our courses are based on our conviction that both Word and Spirit are needed to fulfil the Great Commission and see Israel and the nations come to salvation.


Restorationist and Revivalists

We are committed to the dual restoration of Israel and the Church. We believe that the modern-day restoration of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and to faith in Yeshua are significant signs of the end times and the first flowering of a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

We believe God has been restoring his Body since the Reformation and has continued His work of restoration through the global Pentecostal and Charismatic movements. We believe that the outpourings of the Holy Spirit through revivals have been a key to the progress of the Gospel. We pray for revival through the proclamation of the Gospel and unity with the Body of Messiah and especially with our Arab Christian brothers in Israel and the Middle East (John 17:21). Ministry in the power of the Spirit is an essential emphasis of our school.


Course Delivery

We will use current technologies to deliver our courses by way of video, Zoom, and in-person meetings for personal impartation. This will enable us to reach a wider group of current and up-and-coming leaders who need this flexibility due to work and time constraints to learn at their own pace.

The heart of our school is structured for a core group of full time students. We will also host national equipping seminars on biblical topics, apologetics, and how to minister in the power of the Spirit.


The Need

Our threefold cord of theological values: Messianic Jewish, Grounded in the Word, and Restoration/Revivalist, make JBI a unique training institute in Israel. A group of just under forty Israeli leaders have endorsed our vision and a dozen of them are willing to be part of a working group.

Five core leaders have committed themselves to establishing the school. There is a larger list of qualified teachers with graduate degrees who have expressed an interest to teach in our degree programs. We have already begun a process for the accreditation of our degree programs.

Now is the time to contribute to this important effort in these last days. Your generous contribution will enable us to pay for our tech systems, rental space, core leadership salaries (some will be offering their services gratis), and scholarships. Please help us launch this school to help see spiritual revival come to the people of Israel and so that Yeshua may be glorified in the Land. Israel was founded by pioneers, and we invite you to pioneer with us in this important new school – the only one of its kind in Israel.