Jennifer McPhie
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Hi my name is Jenni and I live in Spring Hill Tennessee along with my husband Shawn and our three amazing children Amarah, Aidan and Liam. I have a background in worship ministry, women’s ministry and children’s ministry.  I also have a love for prophetic worship . Im a very simple person and the way I operate in the spirit is very simple.  I have a childlike faith and I thrive living in a place of rest and my favorite place to be is being on a cloud with Jesus! I have a passion for getting to know the journey people are on and bringing them into simple and childlike intimate connection and relationship with Jesus. This happens by approaching Jesus from a place of rest and knowing Him intimately. The Kingdom of God is simplistic and flows from a place of rest. If I can encourage you in anything it would be that everything in the kingdom is simple not complicated.  That’s what heaven is like. It is also to learn who God is for you and who you are in Him.  Become like a child and you will experience the real kingdom of God.  True rest is the outflow of knowing Him.  It would be an honor and a joy to walk with you into true freedom!