Jennifer Whitaker
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Jennifer is a Christ for all Nations Evangelist and has an Associate of Applied Science in Evangelism from Valor Christian College, where she graduated as Salutatorian in 2020. She has a hunger to see a generation experience the Glory and power of God in their lives. After a radical transformation and heart conversion while in jail in 2013, Jennifer surrendered her heart to Jesus and has been running hard after the Lord since. Jail ministry has a special place in her heart, being that is where she had a crossroads with the mercy and love of God. Investing in lives that seem hopeless and broken, bringing the message of Christ within us, the hope of glory is a joy to her. Jennifer has served as a missionary evangelist in Nigeria, Rwanda, Ghana and Zambia Africa, where she has seen thousands of precious children and adults come into the Kingdom of God. She believes that investing in youth and helping them to know their identity in Christ is vital to see an impacting mark in this generation. Her heart burns for revival and is contending for America to see another Great Awakening!

God is not looking for gold vessels or silver vessels. He is looking for willing vessels-Kathryn Kuhlman

Jennifer in summer of 2022 went to Columbus, Ohio, where she and 3 others evangelists trained up the youth and some adults at her evangelist friend, Urmi’s Nepali church, Emmanuel Christian Fellowship. They taught the youth that all evangelism starts from being at the feet of Jesus. Some of the youth said during prayer and worship that God gave them visions. One young lady said she saw a stairway to heaven. After sharing the simple Gospel and sharing how to witness to others, as you yield to Holy Spirit, Jennifer and team took the youth out on outreaches and won many souls to Jesus!

Evangelism is a way of life! After showing the youth how easy it is to love people with the love of Christ, and bring the lost to a point of decision, they were so excited to go win souls! Getting outside of the four walls was all so new to them, but now they are confident and bold in the Holy Spirit to expand the Kingdom of God! If you would like to have Jennifer come and train your church up in evangelism email at

Apart from being an ordained evangelist with Christ for all Nations, Jennifer is apart of Christ for all Nations Evangelism Alliance and Global Evangelist Alliance, which are world-wide alliances composed of evangelists who collaborate in initiatives for the end-time harvest.

Jennifer Whitaker

Jesus THE healer!

During Christ for all Nations 2023 Spring Decapolis Crusades in Zambia, Africa, Jennifer had the honor of praying for the sick to a crowd of about 40,000 people. Many were healed in mind and body! This picture was captured after a man, who had been walking with crutches for 4 months after a car accident, stated he no longer needed them!