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Simple obedience that changeshistory. 

Hi! We are the Wynns family- Braxton, Jessica, Christianna, and Carolina. We live in Buies Creek, North Carolina and we really love Jesus! We are driven by a passion for REVIVAL and UNITY in the Body of Christ on our college campuses, public schools, and in our region. We are a family committed to seeing the love and power of Jesus transform our generation and are gripped by a call to envision, encourage, and equip students to be SALT + LIGHT  on our college campuses. Our prayer is that as you read our story and how God has called us to meet the needs of college students and young adults, that you will get super excited and urged to be a part of what God is doing here at Campbell University with us. 


In the wake of the Azusa street revival of 1906, a young missionary couple got on a boat and crossed the seas to share the love of Jesus with a nation that had recently opened its doors to the Gospel. The president of Ecuador, Eloy Alfaro, had changed the constitution to allow freedom of religion. However, the religious establishment in the country put a death warrant on the new missionaries who began to open-air preach on the streets. The President of Ecuador, assigned military escorts to protect the missionaries while they were preaching and my grandfather happened to be one of those military men. He heard the good news of the Gospel and got on his knees and accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior and found in God the father that he never had. From that day on and for the rest of his life, Juan Evangelista Cardenas (John the Evangelist) took his wife and family of 9 children from town to town preaching the Good news of God’s love throughout the nation of Ecuador. I (Jessica) am the grandaughter of that amazing pioneer, I learned the simple and unwavering “Yes” of one man to God can change a nation and an entire generation. At the age of 18, I left the metropolitan and bustling city of Quito, Ecuador to attend Campbell University in a rural little town called Buies Creek NC. There was one thing God made loud and clear when I set foot on campus, He said to me “You are here for Revival”.  Soon, I met Braxton Wynns, who had grown up in a house right smack dab in the middle of campus. His father and grandfather had both attended Campbell University and now this 20-year-old was sharing printed copies of his testimony and the gospel all around town. 5000 copies later, Braxton had canvased the region with the Gospel, just because God had told him to. He was here for Revival. The Lord brought us together and we discipled many students who 15 years later are now leading amazing lives with their families and shining bright for Christ in their spheres of influence. After college, we moved away, worked in the marketplace for 10 years, and never imagined that God would bring us back to little Buies Creek, but He did. And do you know what He said to us within months of moving into our new little home?  “You are here for REVIVAL, I never lifted that call off your life.”

Four years ago, we opened our home to disciple young college students into wholehearted love and obedience for Christ. What started with 3 students around our dining room table has grown to a community of 75+ students who have been transformed by the power of the Gospel and are on fire for Jesus! After seeing hundreds of students be part of our ministry over these last few years our first freshman class has now graduated as Christian leaders with a firm foundation in their faith and a vibrant personal relationship with Christ, we have a strong desire to see what God has started here multiply and grow. We are committed to making a life-long impact for Christ in the lives of college students. “While the cement is still wet,” our focus is to share the Gospel in every corner of the campus with students who do not know Jesus, disciple them to become disciple-makers and equip them to be leaders that will transform their sphere of influence on campus, with their families, in the marketplace, and overseas on the mission field long after they graduate. Less than 4 out of every 100 youth and young adults today have any real or meaningful exposure to the foundational truths of the Christian faith. The pressures and indoctrination of today’s culture is a strong current across campus sweeping many away into sexual immorality, abortion, liberal theology, and a humanistic world view that does not have Christ at the center. Students are depressed, anxious, addicted to pornography, alcohol, drugs, and confused by relativism. The college campus is a dark place in need of light!In this 5th year of ministry and in the midst of a global pandemic, we want to shine brighter than ever! Firestarters at CU is a vibrant and multiplying community and we want to see every corner of our campus reached. Studies show that 10% of a given population sold out for a cause is the “tipping point” number needed to catalyze a movement. We want to see 300-400 students committed to Jesus Christ and discipled on campus. The time to train the laborers that will go out into the great harvest is now, God is asking us to prepare and be catalysts for revival in this region! 


 God has given us the following areas of strategy and intentional focus in our collegiate ministry:

                        FIRESTARTERSIs a powerful collegiate gathering on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm in the backyard We cook up an amazing meal together, eat, laugh, share testimonies, worship, pray, and feast on God’s word. Our backyard has become a place of ENCOUNTER for so many. Students walk up the driveway one way and leave transformed by the love and power of Jesus. Their hearts have been set on FIRE and it has become a MISSIONS BASE as they go into the campus as salt + light week after week.  

FIRM FOUNDATIONSIs a small group discipleship curriculum for raising “disciple-making disciples.” FIRM FOUNDATIONS provides 24 short foundational teachings that describe who God is and what He thinks about us. Each session includes a personal exercise called “Talk2God” where students learn how to hear God’s voice through scripture. Last they learn how to take the revelation they received during study into prayer and worship.

   Campus House of Prayer  Weekly Worship, Prayer, and Evangelism Training at 6:30 PM every Thursday. We encourage students to live a missional life that is compelled by love and the power of the Gospel. We equip students to stop for the one in front of us who is in need. We pray for students and clearly share the Gospel with our family and friends. We lead lives that move toward the lost and lost toward Jesus.

                            MENTORINGMentoring usually takes place after our gatherings or at a local coffee shop in the form of 1 on 1 discussion with students who have the desire to grow as leaders. Healthy pastoral care takes place within this space.

                                     MISSIONSStudents are given an opportunity to activate and put their faith into practice through local and world missions. During the year we partner with local ministries and churches in a variety of events and trips that support our core values and mission. 

  STADIUMS  Revival is here and stadiums will be filled. Jessica is a regional director for SEALED and our students and community are part of a vision to see Charlotte and the surrounding cities within a 250-mile radius, unified and awakened through the gospel of Jesus Christ at a three-day stadium event focused on unity, prayer, worship, evangelism, and discipleship. For more information visit

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The house was filled with excitement as we tried to cram 40+ people in our 10×10 bathroom. Students were standing on the toilet, others were peering through our glass shower, and some were sitting on top of the sink counter. This was not a game of sardines as you might suspect, but rather, one of the most powerful moments of Kendall’s life. Just a week earlier we had baptized 6 students in a horse trough at the “Revival Barn” 2 miles away from campus. It was a glory filled night of obedience to God’s word, testimonies, victories, and a public declaration before heaven and earth that Jesus Christ is Lord over these student’s lives. Kendall, however, came to me after the service with tears streaming down her face. She knew God was calling her into the waters of baptism, but she had let others dissuade her from doing what God was asking her to do. The sorrow that leads to repentance was gripping her soul. 




Have you ever been to church? “No, I have never been to church.”  I asked the next student that walked in the door, “have you ever been to church before?” and he replied, “no this is my first time.” After asking approximately 60 students this question and getting the same answer the majority of the time, I began to realize something quite miraculous was taking place. We were sharing the gospel with students who had never heard about the love of Jesus or had set foot in a church in their entire life. Yet the crazy thing was, we were in Harnett Co, The South, smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt, and we probably drove past 20+ churches on the way to the school. If you’ve been in church for a while, you know it’s a good day if a handful of unchurched youth walk in the door for the first time, but to have 60 walk in the door? That is a sign that God was up to something!




I received a text from a student I had never met before and within a few hours we were talking on the phone. The conversation went something like this…”Hi, my name is Erica, I’m a Senior Nursing student and I am on Campbell University’s Cheerleading Squad. We are at training camp right now and I was just thinking that God might want me to do a devotion with my team…” Listening to her, I was thinking “of course! yes! God wants you to do a devotion with your team.” I could tell Erica, just like so many other students, needed the courage and permission from a loving leader in their life to say, “YES!! Go for it!”As our conversation continued, she said “well, I don’t know who should lead the devotion” and I said “YOU!! You need to lead the devotion because God put it on YOUR heart.” She replied, “well I don’t know if I should share my testimony” and I said “YES! You should definitely share your testimony.” So we prayed over the phone and asked God to empower her with boldness from the Holy Spirit to share her testimony with her team.





Our mentor said to us, “many overestimate what God will do in one year, but underestimate what God will do in 10 if we just remain faithful.” This was one of the most sustaining words of encouragement that was given to us as we began to pioneer the beginnings of the student ministry that is now FIRESTARTERS near Campbell University. God was entrusting us with one of His GOD sized dreams, but He wanted to know if we were “ALL IN” before He put it in our hands. I remember the day we said “YES” to this call, we knew that it meant surrendering it all, good careers, financial stability, what people thought of us, our hearts, our tears, our time, our family, and many other things. We extended our hands and God placed in them a tiny seed. Yes, a small little seed, but we knew within it was the DNA the size of a giant redwood. We knew we would have to plant, water, and take care of this little tree one year at a time. If we would remain faithful, God would continue to give us the increase as we committed to daily abide in close relationship with Jesus and walk in simple obedience to what He was telling us to do. THIS SPRING WE HAD TO SPRINT to stay in step with all God was beginning to do on our campus and in our student’s lives. In the month of January-February, we all participated in the Collegiate Jesus Fast for 40 days. Students met daily at 6am at the CU clock tower as we all contended in prayer. To contend means we pray until something happens and we see breakthrough. We asked God to stir up spiritual hunger and that hearts would be gripped with the Love of God on our campus. So, are you ready to see how God answered the prayers of those who fasted and prayed?


24/7 Worship and Prayer = Ice Cream and 53 Salvations- Fall 2017

24/7 Worship and Prayer = Ice Cream and 53 SalvationsI walked up to the ice-cream truck and smiled at the lovely woman behind the window. She had tan skin, curly brown hair, a huge smile, and a great caribbean accent. As I was about to place my order, she interrupted me and asked “are you a pastor?” surprised I said “well yes, I’m a college pastor.” She jumped with excitement grabbed my hand and said “I need to pray for you!” In that moment, I felt heaven open and every word that woman prayed was like a torrential rain of blessing over our life, our family, our college ministry, and our destiny in God. When she was done, I said to her, “can I pray for you?” I don’t even remember all the words that came out of my mouth, but I can tell you with certainty this moment was appointed by God and the Holy Spirit made intercession on behalf of that beautiful saint. When we finished praying, I opened my eyes and looked around and there were 10 other people who had laid their hands on the truck interceding with me!!! I can’t describe how incredible this scene was! We began to celebrate God’s kindness and goodness and this amazing woman said “you know since you guys have been here these last 3 days, praying and worshipping 24 hours a day on the U.S. National Mall, Jesus has given me the privilege of leading 53 people to Christ!”Incredible isn’t it? This amazing woman of God was selling ice-cream and with every cone she would make she was sharing the gospel and leading people to the feet of Jesus! What an awesome picture of the Body of Christ working together in unity. Our family and students had the honor of serving at Awaken the Dawn on the US National Mall in D.C. on Oct 6th-9th. It was a historic event where we set up 50 Tents, one for every state, and we ministered to Jesus 24 hours a day for 3 days. The incense of worship and prayer was going up and the answers and power from heaven were coming down all over the city. John 15:5 says “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”  This is what happens when we take the mandate to abide in the presence of the Lord seriously! It seems so upside down to us, doesn’t it? Prayer and worship 24/7 sounds crazy to most believers especially when our to-do list is breathing down our back! But really, what if we really began implementing the secret to unlocking a fruitful life in ministry by abiding and remaining in the secret place of worship, prayer, and intimacy with the Father and then faithfully walking out in obedience the strategies that God shows us in that place? Is this not what the life of Jesus and His ministry taught us in all of the Gospels? If Jesus, the Son of God perfect and without sin, modeled that prayer and abiding was the only way to do ministry, what makes us think that we can do it any other way? Well, it is never too late to start :) This is the river that we are embarking on with our students at FIRESTARTERS @ Campbell University. We are leading and teaching them how to cultivate a life in the secret place, growing in the first commandment to Love God and then sowing that love into the lives of those around us. I would have to write a book to share all the amazing testimonies that we experience on a weekly basis in our student community. So if you want to hear more, follow us on social media and we will keep the newsletters coming!Abiding in Christ, The Wynns FamilyBraxton, Jessica, Christianna, and CarolinaDonate by scrolling down and clicking on the blue button that says “Please partner with Jessica Wynns by giving a one-time or recurring monthly donation: “All donations are tax deductible Follow us on FacebookActivate Global Ministries Wynns Wynns

Jess was in charge of decorating the NC Tent and Brax helped set it all up

Ice cream truck evangelist and Intercessor 

Other believers standing by that joined us in prayer!