Joël & Alicia van Huizen
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Joël and Alicia serve on staff at Gateways Beyond International, a family of Messianic missional communities committed to seeing this generation transformed through an atmosphere of daily worship and prayer, discipleship training, and world outreach.

Our heart is to invest in building the Kingdom of God in this generation, and there are several avenues through which we pursue that goal.


A 40-Day Discipleship Journey. We invite participants to join our community rhythms of daily worship and prayer, teachings, celebrating Biblical feasts, service work, and outreaches for a 40-day discipleship journey. Through walking closely alongside our community members, they are being invested in and discipled not only with words but also through our lives in action as living testimonies, just as Jesus walked with His disiples.

The Land. Our base of operations has moved onto our ministry property, affectionately called “the Land.” This move was inspired by the word of the Lord to establish ourselves in Cyprus by allowing our roots to go down deep and take ownership of the island through this piece of real estate. The land also provides many service and discipleship opportunities for the participants who join us. As we steward this property as our inheritance by cultivating and beautifying it, we take hold of a greater place in intercession not as foreigners with limited commitment, but as people who have an invested stake in the ground.

Walk and Pray Journeys. As ones with burning hearts for this island, we put feet to our prayers, walking the length and breadth of this land just as Abraham did. God has spoken so many promises over this strategic island being a gateway into the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. It is our desire is to partner with God to see them released in our day. Cyprus will fulfill her call as a nation! So far we have walked the entire southern coast and half of the west, interceding as we go.

Outreaches. Twice a week, we connect with locals, churches, and organizations in order to serve them in the vision they carry for this island and to be a blessing. Some examples of how we serve are with an organization rescuing trafficked women, serving and testifying to refugees, evangelism, serving the farmers, or beautifying the island by picking up trash. We also plan several outreaches into the Mediterranean region.

The Word. We are both passionate about uncovering the treasures of the Word and sharing them with others. I [Alicia] lead a weekly Bible study with the community and participants, and together Joël and I are compiling revelations and studies into “packages” that will be used for teaching/preaching opportunities. We long to see a generation aligning their lives with His perfect Truth which will never pass away.