Joel Bomberger
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Joel and Amy Bomberger are full time Missionaries to America and the “Digital World.”

They have worked with YWAM for over 10 years traveling, training and evangelizing among youth in High Schools and College Campuses. 

Joel has also made social media a mission field by preaching and praying over individuals on Tiktok, Instagram and Youtube. He’s amassed over half a million followers combined and sees countless testimonials from people worldwide on these platforms!

Joel  and his wife are a part of The Send—a national missions movement gathering in arena’s and stadiums across the globe.

They have played instrumental parts of evangelistic event mobilization with organizations like The Send and Pulse Movement and has led dozens of revival gatherings and other evangelistic events in partnership with local churches mainly in his hometown of Lancaster Pa as well as other parts of the nation.

Joel Bomberger

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