Judah Thompson
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Our names are Judah and Olivia Thompson. We are from Fort Worth Texas and are now missionaries in Mongolia! We have wanted to be missionaries for a long time now and are now finally getting to live out our dream. 

Who Are We?

We are people who are passionate about serving God and sharing His goodness and glory to others. We value deep relationships with people and love to lead them to the Truth of who God is.

Our Vision For Mongolia:

We firmly believe that God is leading us to immerse and establish ourselves in the nation of Mongolia for the purpose of gaining knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and experience so that we can effectively reach the unreached nomadic people of Mongolia with the Gospel through business, Discipleship Making Movements, and relationship building throughout daily life to bring about the freedom, unity, and love of the Living God, and eventually lead the Church of Mongolia to do the same with one another and throughout all nations.

Why Nomadic People In Mongolia?

1) Nomads make up roughly 30% of the entire population of Mongolia. They are hard to reach because they are extremely isolated and move their home (ger) each season to new pastures in order to feed their livestock.

2) There are very few ministries andor missionaries who are committed to reaching nomads. It is not an easy task and there are very few strategies that currently exist. These people are the 1 out of the 99.