Jordan Castro
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“FIRE!” shouted the evangelist Nathan Morris as he strode down the isles of the school auditorium, turned church. The man, on whom’s head was Nathan’s hand, instantly fell to the ground and began to tremble. “What is this?? It looks like it hurts!”

This was the life changing moment when I saw the power of God fall. I had began the journey of living for the Lord for 2 years, but after seeing this, it was like a veil was ripped off of my face, and I began to see clearly; Jesus really lived. Jesus really died. He really resurrected. And if He did, I have to tell EVERYBODY. A dramatic change occurred in my life, and I immediately began a life of service, dedicated to the Lord. That was June 6th, 2022, and I have never once wanted to go back.

After going through a process of sanctification and evangelist bootcamp at the prestigious soul-winning organization “Christ for all Nations” , I launched out into this goal. My heart’s passion is Jesus, my burning desire is to show each and every person that you don’t need the world, you don’t even need to test it out. You only need Jesus. There is peace, not like this world gives, fullness of joy, that no one can take away from you, in the fellowship of the Holy Ghost!

Connect with me, that God’s spirit may be poured out on all flesh.

I have felt the calling of the Lord bringing me into the Evangelism/Discipleship Ministry: the “King’s Army.” Using the evangelism weapon, Jesus at the Door, we walk with new believers taking their first steps towards Jesus.

I believe the Lord is leading me to the King’s Army, a 1 on 1 evangelistic army at the tip of the spear of revival in Orlando Florida. Led by 20 year Evangelist, Scott Mcnamara, God has breathed on the organization since it’s conception.
As I pursue lost souls on the battlefield, pray for me that I may be strengthened in Spirit and finances.