Karen Peiser
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Life is a series of experiences, both uplifting and challenging. As we navigate our individual paths, we inevitably encounter moments of distress and disturbance. My personal journey has been no exception, marked by both trauma and triumph. I have walked my own path and stood beside others on theirs, all the while feeling a profound calling to serve women who are hurting.

The ministry I work alongside is right in the middle of a community that has faced a lot of pain. Where gunshots persist, food is hard to come by, and violence seems never-ending. Living in constant trauma, without any relief, takes a toll on both the body and the soul.

Women are the strong support for their families and the community. Even when they have very little, it doesn’t stop them from helping others. Our ministry provides a safe space for woman to come, be seen, be heard, prayed for, and get the help they need.

Will you partner with me financially to make it possible for me to come alongside and journey the path with woman experiencing ongoing trauma?

To hear more about the ministry and those ill be working alongside click here: Haviliah Collective