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Jesus found me 2020 Spring, when I was addicted to alcohol, smoking weed and my life was full of depression. I had a radical encounter with Jesus in my bedroom and this changed my life forever. Fall 2021 missionary evangelists visited my church and after that I was set on fire to share Jesus to everyone. Summer 2022 I went to CfaN Firecamp in Norway and found my calling to preach the gospel. From Firecamp God called me to CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp in the United States.  Today I can say I am trained, equipped and deployed to the mission field to preach the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ to Nations. I have given my life for the Gospel of Jesus. And as the Moravians said: “May the Lamb who was slain, receive the reward of His suffering!”


Latest experience and mission work:

CfaN Firecamp leader in Ukraine

In December I went to CfaN Firecamp in Ukraine as a leader. The same training where I was a student a few months ago but this time as a leader. The students were taught on how to preach the gospel. Students were so hungry for Jesus. Turning lunch the students ate as fast as possible and started to worship. After the Firecamp we also did 2-weeks of outreaches and saw more than 2000-documented decisions for Jesus! Signs and wonders following!

Student in CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp

CfaN – Christ for all Nations is a ministry led by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and founded by late Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. Evangelist Steve Hill’s successor Evangelist Levi Lutz has now joined forces with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and started Evangelism Bootcamp. Where they train, equip and deploy an army of Holy Spirit filled evangelists. It is a 4-month long intensive training and at the end of the training we went to Ghana to preach the gospel. Everyday for 3-weeks we were preaching the gospel in Ghana and all together we saw more than 350 000 documented decisions for Jesus! Signs and wonders were following and people were healed, demons casted out and people set on fire for Jesus!

Firecamp student in Norway

Firecamp is a week-long training for people who are called to preach the gospel or are interested in evangelism. They are equipped to preach cristal clear Gospel. And to lead them into place of intimacy with Jesus. This was a place where God called me to preach the gospel to nations of the world.


What am I called to?
1. To preach the Gospel to the nations of the world and reap the harvest.
2. To multiply myself by equipping churches and God’s people on how to preach the Gospel.
3. To lead the church into deeper relationship with Jesus.


You can be part of that!
I’m calling you to partner with me. Let’s link arms and plow the field together. Collaboration is the key to reach nations of the world. Some are called to go, others are called to send. When you send me then every soul being saved is also on your account in Heaven! God will bless every joyful giver. Let’s collaborate in the Great Commission!