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WELCOME!! Let’s join together and see the hearts of the youth turn to God.  Click below to read our most recent update!

Spring 2023 Update (Asia Campus Tour)


Andres and I have been gripped with the reality that millions of youths are being deceived and are on a trajectory towards complete rejection of Jesus Christ. It’s estimated, by following the current trends in religious affiliation, that as many as 35 million youths raised in the Christian homes will disaffiliate from the faith by 2050. We are witnessing the largest and fastest shift in religious affiliation in the history of our country. We are in a moment of great spiritual crisis as the next generation faces incredible cultural pressures that cause complacency, confusion, and a turning of their hearts away from Jesus. We know from the Bible and church history that every time there has been spiritual awakening or a furthering of the Great Commission in any nation it has been proceeded by fervent prayer & fasting. We believe the youth in our nation will not be awakened from their slumber by inevitability, but through prayer & discipleship in how God invites us to partner with him on the earth. Andres and I want to disciple the next generation in prayer, fasting, and the Word of God, so we can see spiritual awakening in this nation and a global missions movement. We also are burdened with the reality & urgency of gospel to go forth to every tribe, nation, and tongue; this is why we, as Contend, partner with local missionaries in the 10/40 for intensive seasons of prayer & fasting so that wide and effectual doors for the gospel can be opened. With all our ministry initiatives, the goal remains the same. We want to see the true gospel of Jesus Christ go forth into this nation and nations of the earth; there’s only one answer for the brokenness of humanity, and that is Jesus. With all that said, we have decided to continue our ministry with Contend until the Lord asks us to give ourselves elsewhere.


During our college years, the Lord marked our hearts in the place of prayer with the desire to see spiritual awakening on our campus and in our nation. We spent our years at Lee University as part of a leadership team that sought to bring prayer & intercession to our campus and see Jesus’ name exalted as missionaries were sent to some of the hardest and darkest places in the world. We were able to witness God transform not only our lives but our friends, family, and campus through the place of prayer and fasting. While leading the prayer group at Lee, the Lord continued to instill in us a desire to see our generation seek God wholeheartedly, and a move of God’s spirit across our nation that would bring a ripe harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God. We believe God desires to partner with us in the place of prayer & proclamation of his Word to accomplish His purposes on the earth. Let’s partner with what God is doing on college campuses, and see the gospel go forth in our nation and to the nations of the earth!


Contend’s mission is to raise up a movement with the youth of America in prayer and fasting that will change the destiny of nations (James 5:16). We reach the next generation through 3–4-month discipleship and leadership training schools, campus tours (we’ve reached over 300 campuses with the message of prayer, fasting, and consecration to the Lord), summer trainings, and national prayer assemblies. Recently, God has opened doors for us to disciple high school students in prayer and devotion to Jesus. On our mostrecent tour, our team was able to witness the ripe fields for harvest on high school campuses. Our hearts were so provoked by howGod is moving in high schools that we’re hosting a training this summer entirely dedicated to high schoolers. We want to see an entire generation set on fire by the Holy Spirit to live out the fullest of their calling in Jesus!


As full-time staff with Contend, we do not receive a salary or any benefits while on this mission field. This mission is only possible through generous financial supporters & prayer partners who share our desire to see God move powerfully in the next generation. We want to ask you to prayerfully consider joining us through financial partnership and prayer so that this mission to reach the next generation can continue.  **All giving is tax deductible**


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We host students for 3-month training schools in both the Fall & Spring that equip them as leaders to live lifestyles of prayer, fasting, and missions.

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We join with and lead intercessory teams into cities (both in America and around the world) to fast and pray for the advancement of God’s kingdom. Click on the link below to see what gatherings we’ll be hosting. Learn More