Kristen Anderbeck
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Serving the Cross-Cultural Servants

While engaged in cross-cultural mission work in Southeast Asia since 1999, Kristen discovered a passion for supporting missionary families as they bring up and educate their children outside of their “home” country.

She began work as an educational consultant for a ministry organization which provides services to families who are serving all across Asia in 2017. (To protect our member families who work in highly sensitive locations, please contact Kristen directly for the name and details of this organization if you are curious.

The following year she launched a high school guidance program to assist the families who are using non-traditional options for their kids’ high school education, and want help in navigating the college application process. The program has grown substantially in the past 5+ years, indicating a real need for families to feel supported in what can be a frightening college-prep experience without the usual services they can access in their home countries.

In addition to providing guidance for the high school-to-college process for families, Kristen works with families whose children have special needs and/or need educational assessments. The services that she provides for missionary families helps lighten the burden for these families, thereby contributing to them staying in their assigned location and having more capacity to devote to their ministries.

Research presented by Missio Nexus in 2022 on reasons for missionary attrition found that the top concern causing missionaries to leave the field was “Family Factors”. Of those who expressed Family Factors influencing their decision to leave the field, 61% said that “There was a lack of options for my child/children’s education” which affected the decision.

I’d love your partnership as I work to address this issue for many families ministering in Asia. Please join me! :-) 

Kristen Anderbeck

What missionary parents have said about Kristen’s work

Thank you, Kristen! I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through this process without you!!!!!!!!” I really can’t imagine how insane and anxious I would have been without your help. Your high school guidance services are worth their weight in GOLD.” – Missionary parent of teenagers


God encourages me so much through your help.” –Missionary parent of four


I am so very thankful for you — you are helping to relieve some of the overwhelm I am experiencing!” – Missionary parent of teenagers


We could not thank you enough for being our and [our eldest daughter’s] advocate, by coming in to listen, encourage, and counsel us. You guys are angels in disguise! We thank you for your thoughts and hearts as you poured into us. We received the outpouring of love and encouragement through the entire process. We hope that you know that you were invaluable to us.” – Missionary parent of teenagers