Laura Hutchings
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What started as a short trip to Haiti quickly turned into a time in my life that would give purpose to the days and years to come. God burdened my heart for children with disabilities and gave me eyes to see a world I didn’t even know existed. Wanting to know more, I began to research and quickly learned about the lack of resources as well as the stigma surrounding individuals with disabilities in many parts of the world. A desire to see all people with disabilities being loved, valued, and accepted began to rise up within me, and I began looking for ways to get more involved.


I have traveled to various countries around the world to encourage, equip, and advocate for individuals with disabilities as well as those caring for them. Of all the places I have been, Haiti is the one that has captured my heart more than any other and where I invest the majority of my time. I am now living in a small town in northeast Haiti and serving alongside Footprints of the Son. The mission of this organization is to transform the lives of children with disabilities in Haiti, and it has been an honor to be a small part of the incredible work that is being done in this community.

We have built relationships with over 60 families raising a child with disabilities in our area, and our hope is that these families will stay intact and know they are not alone as they navigate the challenges they face daily. Most children with disabilities are not accepted in local schools, so Footprints of the Son started an inclusion school where children with and without disabilities can learn right alongside one another. Our students also receive access to medical care as well as a nutritious meal before going home from school each day. We are already beginning to see our students and teachers begin to break down the stigma surrounding disability as they create a place of acceptance and belonging within the classroom. Our hope is that these children will be able to carry this with them as they grow up, bringing lasting change to the next generation.  I am so grateful for those that have partnered with me through prayer and giving over the years! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like more information!