Lee and Liz Adams
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The Adams Family calls the Upper Room Dallas their home. We live to see the church know she is the glorious bride that Jesus said we are and paid for us to be. Our mission is a very simple one.
STEP 1. Love Jesus- get in His presence and get filled up with His love.
STEP 2. Go love people with that same love. Healing, deliverance, inner healing, prophetic words, all that He paid for us to use and experience is a part of this loving people.
STEP 3. If you forget or get confused about this, just go back to Step 1. I promise you he will remind you again about Step 2.
We have seen many, many miracles in this amazing journey of loving our King and loving His kids. Things like 18 years of a broken back healed and HIV bowing its knee to King Jesus after years of a poor lifestyle. He really loves His kids and he paid a price for them to actually experience wholeness.
His body was broken so that we don’t have to be broken.
1. Not in our bodies.
2. Not in our families.
3. Not in our finances.
4. Not in our mental health.
5. Not in any area that has been tormented or experienced lack.
No one goes to the store and buys groceries to expect to receive them 2k years later. He paid for us to completely experience this reality. We believe he should get what he paid for. So he put you and I here to release this reality ( and he actually expects us to do it). Loving this King that we have and we serve is so much fun.
We live with a burning compassion and passion to see the true gospel preached and released again on the earth. That the church would actually become GLORIOUS. So that the nations are drawn to Jesus because of her glory and radiance. We love to watch people step into their identity and calling. Then experience the fullness of the love he so radically paid for us to have.
His love really is so ridiculous and so amazing. We want you to know Him too!Liz and Lee have been married for 16 years. They have helped start several churches in and around the DFW metroplex. They have become a prophetic voice to over 30 pastors and leaders across the country to help guide and give council to their church families and personal lives. Additionally we work with large and small business owners on how to become more kingdom minded to influence the marketplace.  We travel and shares on the gifts and teaching others how to hear and recognize hearing his voice. We love to equip the church and activate people in their callings and their function. Here is a link from our dear friends over at the unseen story .org about our good friend Camille and how God touched her and miraculously healed her 18 year broken back. There’s so much more to this story but it’s just so much fun.  There is 2 parts listen to them both.

This is our good friend Adam Rodriguez who came up to one of our pastors at Upper Room Dallas. The pastor sent him to Liz and I for prayer in his physical bod. This is the testimony of his healing. We believe Jesus still heals everything! He really does love you and I so deeply.