Yo El Lee
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Welcome to the donor support page for Yo El Lee. Since 2017, Yo El has been serving as a missionary in Morogoro, Tanzania. Before taking up God’s calling for his life, Yo El worked as a corporate attorney in South Korea. However, after nearly 7 years of legal practice, Yo El returned to Tanzania; a country he calls home. Yo El grew up in Morogoro, Tanzania. In 1993, his family was called to the mission field. His father was a preacher and his mother was an educator. Yo El grew up involved with his parents ministries prior to being sent to boarding school in Kenya.

Yo El entered law school with the intention of utilizing his legal skill set in developing nations. However, after working 7 years of 80 hour work weeks representing conglomerates and corporations, he took time off to realign his priorities with God’s. Hoping to be a “Paul-like” tentmaker, God had other plans and called him directly to full time missions. Currently, Yo El serves as the  legal director of his mission organization based in Tanzania. He provides legal and risk management for the various on-going ministries in Tanzania, including contracts, mission governance, immigration, tax, real property and administrative. Addtionally, Yo El serves as the superintendent of the Presbyterian Seminary, a private co-ed boarding secondary school located in Morogoro, Tanzania. The aim of the Presbyterian Seminary is to equip the next generation of Christ-like Tanzanian youths to be God’s representatives within the nation; meshing together academic competence and biblical truths.

Yo El is excited for what God has in store for Tanzania; eager to be used in accordance to His will. As you prayerfully consider partnering with Yo El by financially supporting the on-going ministries in Tanzania, please do pray for Yo El. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to shower peace and understanding upon him so that he made be joyful in what God is doing for and through him in Tanzania. Please pray for discernment and wisdom in developing current and new ministries within the Morogoro region, which include church plants and development, discipleship training programs, youth ministries such as after school programs within rural villages and lecturing at the Calvin Theological College in Kibamba, Dar es Salaam.

Mungu Akubariki. God bless.