Liana Alleyne
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Hello and Greetings from Japan~

My name is Liana Alleyne and I am a cross-cultural missionary to Japan. I’ve been serving on the mission field for 10+ years and it is such an honor to continue to reach the Lost for Jesus Christ in the Land of the Rising Sun.

How I was Called to the Mission Field

I saw a vision in my dream. I knew it wasn’t one of my normal dreams because I could clearly see everything in HD, high definition. In the dream, I saw a beautiful large mountain and green valleys of Japan. I saw myself with a red suitcase and a church building. I also saw sets of legs that weren’t mine and then I heard God’s voice say Romans 10:15 “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” In the dream, I knew that I was serving the Lord as a Christian missionary and the people were those that I could work alongside with. And so I said “Yes!” to God’s call to radically drop everything—my life, my culture, my language, my family, my comforts—and to move to the completely opposite side of the world to preach the Gospel in Japan. After moving here, I realized that the mountain that I saw in my dream was the iconic Mt. Fuji of Japan. Everything I saw in my dream matched with the picturesque scenery of Japan. I have no regrets to come to Japan and if given the chance, I would still say “yes!” and do it all over again~

Why Japan?

Japan is in dire need of the Gospel as only 1% of the nation profess to be Evangelical Christian. Japan is a nation of approximately 124 million people and its government is open to religious activities in its nation. Even so, according to the Joshua Project Research Initiative, new salvations in Japan still seem to be very low.

Change is coming to this nation as the next generation of students and young professionals are hungry for meaning, value, peace, hope, and love in their lives. It is an honor to be welcomed by Japanese locals, serve their needs, build trust, and share the Gospel with them in their home nation.

It’s not that it’s “difficult” to preach the Gospel in Japan per se, but rather we simply do not have enough Christians in Japan to preach the Gospel to everyone. As Jesus Christ Himself said, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few.” The time for the Harvest is now!

Ministry Partners make this possible!

The faithful prayers and financial support of my ministry partners allow me to continue to reach the Lost in Japan full-time. Each ministry partner receives my email newsletter updates and direct contact with me. Through ministry partnership, together we are reaching Japan for Jesus Christ!