Anthony Curran
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We hope and pray that you and your family are experiencing the goodness of God in the land of the living. We are walking out a vision that He placed in our hearts over 18 years ago. Briana and I have been serving in Waterford, Ireland for almost 8 years. The experiences that we have gained over the years, serving in others churches, including the many and diverse opportunities for ministry here in Ireland, serve us well in each season for all the challenges and opportunities that it presents.
We sensed the prompting of the Holy Spirit to move to the nation of Ireland with the sole purpose of establishing and planting a living and vibrant local church in 2013. I, Anthony, was born and raised in Ireland, and ever since the day I met Jesus I have had a burning desire to see the people of Ireland reached for Christ. As you can well imagine, our spirits are full of joy at the prospect of living out this part of God’s vision for us and partnering with Him in reaching and caring for the precious souls of Ireland.
Our ministry headquarters is based in Waterford City, which is in the southeast of Ireland. It is the oldest city in the country and fifth largest by population. The population of the city is approximately 60,000. There are few Christian churches in Waterford City, and as a nation of approximately 4.6 million, the Christian population is a mere 1%.
In the midst of crippling economic recession, despair has gripped the hearts of many. Suicide rates are at an all time national high with 3 people per day taking their lives. Our families personally know numerous families who have been affected by the tragedy of suicide. The rise of depression, alcohol and substance abuse, organized crime, teen pregnancy, break-ins, and murder are all a reflection of a desperate and hurting people. A true yet heart breaking reality is there are only a few full time pastors on the ground in this nation.
My question to you is: how effective can the church be without full time men and women of God? In a country where people have been oppressed, controlled, and often abused at the hands of organized religion, one of Ireland’s greatest needs is full time pastors. The time for true, on fire Christians to gather, arise and advance His kingdom is now!
WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Partnering with our family in this cause will make you an extension of the hands of Jesus to reach the lost and the hurting with the good news message of the Gospel resulting in souls saved, depression broken, suicide percentages reduced, relationships restored, broken families healed, and the nation getting one more pastoral family who is willing to give themselves completely to this cause.
Thank you in advance for your belief in us, belief in our Lord Jesus Christ and HIS power to save, and your own personal sacrifices to advance His Kingdom.
In the cause and Kingdom of Christ,
Anthony, Briana, Sam, & Zoe Curran