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Bilingual Christian Teacher and Visualthinker.

Colombian and Daughter of God.

Industrial Designer by profession and bilingual teacher by vocation. I am certified as a Principle Approach Master teacher and curriculum developer through FACE (Foundation American Christian Education), and certified by LOE Logic of English, a method for learning English through phonics. 

I teach using the powerful tool of Sketchnotes, to interpret, communicate graphically, and respond visually to ideas and thoughts. As an entrepreneur teacher, I create my own curriculums and teach parents and leaders how to use them through different virtual platforms. You can find me on all social networks as @pequenoscomienzos

After finishing the 9months School  TFN (Teachers for the Nations UofN)I have been a teacher for preschool and first grade in Christian Schools in Texas Christian Heritage School, California, PERU, COLOMBIA (Bucaramanga and Bogotá), and also for homeschoolers with virtual and personalized classes. Drawing the character of my students to be like Jesus is the primary reason for my calling. 

I am now in YWAM Guadalajara MX, serving the Principle Approach school LAN “Luz a las Naciones” our focus is working with children who are most in need and who belong from orphanages and vulnerable homes. We use the Principle Approach method of Education  which focuses on knowing God through all the subjects, because He is the source from all subjects and our goal is that our students truly get to know God and experience how He is intimately involved in all areas of life. 

“The end of learning is to know God aright, and out of that knowledge to love Him, to imitate Him, to be like Him” John Milton