Leigh-Taylor Hester
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A good friend of mine invited me to my first Shabbat meal ten years ago, and I found myself weeping as the prayers of blessing commenced. I was overcome by the holiness of the moment. I had been burning the candle at both ends (and in the middle), and I soon started setting my own table and inviting the Lord to commune with me as I kept 24 hours set apart unto Him. I often share with others how Shabbat saved my life!

Following a prayer meeting for Israel a year later, I sat on a bench and whispered to God, “I don’t get this Israel thing…why am I so moved for Israel and the Jewish people?” And God whispered back, “I’ve answered your prayer.” To which I said, “Which one?!’ That’s when the Father reminded me that I had asked Him to break my heart for what breaks His: His people and His Land. It was at that moment my heart went on a pilgrimmage with Him and I’ve never looked back!

Through teachings on the Sabbath and teaching others about the joy of making challah bread, I’ve gone all over the world teaching about the importance of the 4th commandment, and have hosted the Nations in my home. This has been an amazing way to show people the love of the Father for them through hospitality of doing life around the table.

As a registered nurse and a recent graduate of the Nonprofit Management and Leadership program at The Hebrew University Jerusalem, one of my projects was implementing medical screening clinics in bedouin communities in the West Bank. Truly, God has enlarged my tent pegs to include ALL sons of Abraham! It’s been a fun and challenging journey. This wasn’t on my radar when I first came to Israel, but it sure was on God’s! I’m currently partnering with a local nonprofit to implement these screening clinics to serve the villages as well as implement children’s educational clinics in the communities.

None of this would be possible without prayer! There is a core group of women that routinely pray through the Land together. We have seen the Father answer so tangibly and precisely…it’s been so faith building.

I would love for you to partner with me so that more communities in both the Jewish and Arab worlds here can experience the love of the Father through these medical clinics as well as other humanitarian aid projects that are on the horizon (such as working with traumatized children living in areas near the Gaza border, working with at risk youth in a suburb of Jerusalem, and connecting with men and women coming out of prostitution and human trafficking in the Tel Aviv area).

Leigh-Taylor Hester

Medical Clinic set up in Room 1