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Welcome to the Bridegroom’s Table!

Hello! My name is Maria Esther Oliveras, and I am often called Mary or Mary of Bethany (even by complete strangers!). I was born in Los Angeles County during the time of the Jesus Movement. What a blessing to be born for such a time in history! The church my mom and I attended participated in the spreading of the Gospel during that time with various campaigns. Even though I was very young, I still have wonderful memories of those revival meetings, conferences, and opportunities to share the love of Jesus during that grace-filled time. I don’t remember ever not knowing Jesus, and I officially gave my heart and my life to Him at five years of age. I have loved Him ever since and I continue to fall more and more in love with Him.

Prayer, reading the Word of God, and worship have been a foundation for me for most of my life. I also love to teach, so I have been teaching from the Bible and discipling for over 21 years. I was in volunteer ministry in my local church in the Midwest for those 21 years as part of the core leadership team. During that time, I started various ministries and really enjoyed gathering teams of people to work together in service, building unity while using their Holy Spirit gifts. I moved back to the Los Angeles area in 2019, and using my previous experience, I started equipping and discipling via zoom, as well as in person. Two years ago, I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that had me on my face before Him and He spoke over me my calling “you will prepare the way for Jesus’ return, you will prepare the Bride for the return of the Bridegroom. Prepare the way.” I offer one on one calls that consist of coaching people through decisions and challenging life situations, discipling them through various stages of their walk with the Lord, administering deliverance and inner healing, as well as teaching group classes. All of this, and more to come, is a part of my ministry called The Bridegroom’s Table which can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

The timing of my move made finding a new church family a bit challenging due to the world crisis, but I am so thankful for the church community that the Holy Spirit led me to. We have a House of Prayer and I absolutely love it! I hesitantly joined one of the worship sets at the request of a friend, and I instantly felt I was made for it, like I found a passion I didn’t know I was looking for. My primary role is as the prayer leader, and I have been told by others that I was made for this! I am at the House of Prayer all day on Fridays, and we are adding more sets on additional days as we grow. My lifelong love of prayer and intercession has found a home here. My desire is to continue to grow in intercession, specifically warfare intercession, while covering the Bride of Christ. I will be able to do this as an Intercessory Missionary as I participate in worship sets, as well as in the seats, and walking the aisles.

I was asked to join a small team of intercessors who gather to pray in tongues early in the morning on Sundays, seeking the heart of God for His church and establishing a foundation on the work of the Holy Spirit before the service begins. During a time of personal prayer, God directed me to 2 Chronicles 29 which is about Hezekiah charging the Levites to cleanse the temple. God asked me if I would do the same in prayer and also by cleaning the stage equipment, doors, etc. in the Prayer Room every Sunday morning. I gladly accepted the role of a Levite, what a privilege to do a practical act with spiritual consequences!

I am also on the leadership team of a Prayer Center in the small town that I live in. We have weekly meetings for planning how we can best serve the pastors, the local churches, get involved in community events, and establish a group of intercessors. I also get to manage the facility design creating an intimate, peaceful space for prayer and resting in the presence of the Lord; I manage the social media content and communications; as well as graphic design used in printed and digital content; I teach and lead worship once a month, gathering the Bride to come minister to the heart of our Bridegroom Jesus.

Your recurring financial support will enable me to continue to be available to prepare the Bride for the Bridegroom’s return by making disciples who burn with First Love for Jesus, teaching them to be firmly established in the Word of God, interceding and worship at the House of Prayer, and being a part of establishing a prayer-soaked resource for the local churches, pastors, community, and the nations.

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Maria Oliveras

For more than three years the Lord has been speaking to me about His table that He sets for me. There is nothing like the hospitality of the Bridegroom. His table is full of all we need, and pleasures evermore. He prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies, anoints our head with oil, and fills our cup to overflowing. His table is set with all of His benefits, it is a place of communion and fellowship with Him, forgiveness, healing, redemption, a place where a crown awaits us, love, compassion, satisfying our desires with good things, and renewal! His table is a place to rest, a place to linger, a place to laugh, a place to cry, a place of perfect peace, a place to be in the presence of the One I love. We enter in remembering all He has done for us, and we celebrate by praising Him with all that is within us! Welcome to The Bridegroom’s Table!

“Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise His holy name. Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all His benefits – who forgives all your sins, and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies all your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” Psalm 103:1-5