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We were called to Ukraine as missionaries in 1993. We have planted two churches, and over the past 16 years have built a 7,200 sq. ft. ministry house called Bethel House in Western Ukraine near the city of L’viv. This has been used as a place for churches and Christian organizations to organize and hold retreats, conferences, and day camps. We have also housed couples who came to Ukraine to adopt children, which is a long process.We have three daughters, all of whom spent many years in Ukraine as MKs, but later came back to Ukraine as adults and worked as missionaries. Two now reside in the U.S., and one is still working with us in Ukraine.We have a passion for:* seeing people believe in Jesus Christ and make Him Lord of their lives, and seeing them grow into strong followers of Him.* Teaching the Word of God* helping people become true worshippers of God* serving others as Jesus gave us the example* seeing the people of Ukraine walk in the fullness of God’s plan for themURGENT CURRENT NEED – March 2022As most in the world know, Russia invaded Ukraine Feb. 25. The Russian army has been spreading across Ukraine, taking territory, killing civilians, resulting in a refugee crisis of enormous proportions. We are now using Bethel House for accommodating these refugees, either as they wait it out or try to cross the border into Poland, Hungary, etc. The Ukrainian people have been an example to the world of fighting for their independence and liberty. They simply want to be a free Ukraine.Please pray for Ukraine during this time for victory, and that many Ukrainians would find that true hope and assurance for a future lies in Jesus Christ. Also please consider giving financially to help with the many needs in Ukraine at this time. Thank you so much


Living Word Church of Lviv, Ukraine

Bethel House Ministry Center