Jonathan Mathews
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On Mission. Passionately Serving the International and local community in Barcelona. 


Hello! I am Jonathan Mathews, And I am a missionary in Barcelona, Spain with my amazing 5-year-old son Roman and 1-year-old daughter named Salomé. I serve on staff at one of the most vibrant and influential churches in the entire country called International Church of Barcelona. I am the Discipleship Pastor and Young Adults Pastor, where I have been called to pastor and lead the discipleship of International Church of Barcelona members and equip them to disciple others. This includes direct mentorship of this beautiful multicultural internal community and the care and leadership of our staff; with the goals of a personal transformation, deepened love for God, biblical knowledge, engagement in meaningful community, and real life in Jesus Christ.



“Jonathan and his family have been a huge addition to the team here at the International Church of Barcelona! We are so grateful that God has called them here to serve the people of Spain. They have grown our discipleship ministries so that we are able to teach more people about Jesus, reach those who have never known, and equip them to pursue a closer relationship with Christ. They are a vital part of the ICB team so that we are able to continue to grow the Church and make an impact here in Barcelona.”

Chris Oursbourn, Development Director ICB, USA


“Jonathan is a very enthusiastic and driven leader. He is always looking for ways to connect and equip his team and empower them to reach those around him. I am blessed to be able to serve alongside him and see him pour into the next generation of leaders as he lets God grow him and mold him in the process. I am expectant to see what He is going to continue to do in and through him to impact Barcelona and the world for Christ.”

Tawadeen Bankole, Men’s Pastor ICB, UK


“Jonathan has always encouraged and pushed me to improve my relationship with Jesus. Awaken has brought a lot to my life as a community to connect with people and cultivate my spiritual life. Jonathan is a leader motivated to bring the community to life by always proposing new ideas, with a lot of ambition and always making sure that everyone finds their place.”

Joelitiana Andriamahazonoro, Awaken Young Adult Leader, Madagascar


Christianity in Spain 

Barcelona is located in the northeastern region of Catalonia in Spain. (Red pin in image) Spain has a rich tradition of the faith, though, that faith has been almost entirely rooted in the catholic church.A recent study found that only 3% of Spain self identifies as protestant Christian, with the number dropping to 1.8% in Barcelona. The study also indicates that only 34% of the population believes “in the God of the Bible.”We have such a passion for all those in Barcelona,  Catalonia, and Spain to know the deep, unfailing, and life-changing love of God and believe, with absolute conviction, that this dreams is being realized through our ministry in Barcelona, at International Church of Barcelona.

1.62 Million  / Population of the Barcelona metro area.

1.8 / Percent of practicing Protestant Christians in Barcelona


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”We would love for you to join us as a financial partner, supporting the mission to proclaim the deep, unfailing, and life changing love of God in spain. We are currently seeking monthly givers. Though, partnering with us for any amount at any frequency is such a genuine blessing! THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ about the ministry and our heart for Barcelona! ”– Jonathan, Roman, & Salomé Mathews