Matthew & Rebecca McCaigue
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Many trafficked individuals in the sex industry express a sentiment of hopelessness: ‘God is done with me and there is no way back.’ This reality weighs heavily on our hearts because without equipped individuals reaching out, many will never encounter the love of Jesus.

Rebecca and Matthew dedicated a decade of their lives to serving in Budapest, Hungary. Their commitment bore fruit in the form of the ‘Book Of Love’ a rendition of the Gospel of John tailored specifically for those in the sex industry. Translated into seven languages and printed in 17,000 copies, they distribute these resources freely to ministries across Europe, particularly those working in red-light districts. Additionally, the English version reaches Milwaukee, USA, where the couple currently resides.

Matthew’s career as a graphic designer contributes significantly to their mission. His role in a media company that serves hundreds of churches allows him to engage thousands of people with God’s word daily.

Meanwhile, Rebecca serves as a full-time missionary within a global Christian movement. She partners with a local safe house aiding women who have escaped sexual exploitation. Additionally, she plays a pivotal role in the Network Forum, where she brings together and equips mission organizations in Ministry Partnership Development (MPD) across Europe. This collaborative effort enables organizations to send out fully equipped workers, transforming lives by reaching more people.

Your financial partnership, prayers, and encouragement are indispensable in making this mission a reality. Rebecca and Matthew deeply value your support, recognizing that God brings partners in ministry together to work as a team.

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