Chelsea D
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Professional Arts and Missions


I have been working in the professional dance world in Asia and making disciples of Jesus Christ among artists for the last 5 years. Currently, I serve as an Artist Mentor for Inspiro Arts Alliance while I continue to work for a local dance company and freelance.


Artists Filled with the One Who Brings Life

My aim is to both engage in evangelism with unreached friends and to intentionally disciple other Chinese speaking artists in order to build up a community of Jesus followers within the professional arts. I am looking to bring out who God the Father created these artists to be in their career, in their creations, and to see their spiritual lives mature so that they might be witnesses capable of leading others to become disciple of Jesus Christ.


Discipleship Focus: Spiritual and Artistic

To develop artists who will follow Jesus firm in their faith, sure of how to hear God in His scripture, and who pray according to what God has already spoken and in accord with who He is. To be people who are able to engage fellow artists and produce our own creative work because we are becoming exactly who God made us to be. Together understanding God will send us out as laborers in His harvest with the tenacity to put our hands to the plow and not look back.



Chelsea D

Pray for Our Small Group of Christ Followers

You can ask God to continually place a yearning for His light, truth, and life in our own hearts and in artists around us. For God to grant our colleagues ears to hear and eyes to see, that they might repent and turn to the One Mighty Creator. Pray for joy in our work and depth of relationship with one another.