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Our dream is to see a community contagious of love that follows Jesus’ dream to make multitudes of disciples in the river of the Holy Spirit. Christian’s parents moved to the kidnapping, murder, and drug capital of the western hemisphere, Medellin, Colombia to plant a church over 30 years ago. God thought it a good place to raise a family and turns out He was right. We became a very large family: The church, Comunidad (Community), is over 8,000 members and emphasize social work, caring for high-risk children, and prison ministry. During the COVID season, my wife and I moved to Medellin with our little dog to support the mission with no plans of leaving. We consider every person who partners with us as part of the Team McMillan!

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We are both ordained pastors at the church. Christian is a part of the executive leadership team and leads the strategic vision of the church. Sarah volunteers with the prayer ministry, and helps counsel the women rescued from the sex trade. And our dog, Jiminy Cricket, is learning not to bite other dogs.


We make disciples by doing four things: worship God on the weekends in our Campuses, meet in small groups, grow in our online discipleship platform , and make a difference to our city through social work. We are now led by our Lead Pastors Juangui, an ex soccer player, and Lili Ricuarte. Our parents are still on the leadership team as well.


We are always giving ourselves away in love and honor to our sports clubs for high risk children, giving groceries to those in need, writing letters and visiting the sick in hospitals, doing prison ministry, feeding the homeless, and funding missionaries in Colombia, Honduras, and Africa. Join the Team


525+Small groups

3500+Students in our online discipleship platform

6,240+People received Jesus



Where we write about our God stories in Medellin.

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