Micha Harfouche
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The very moment, the first millisecond in time that I encountered the Son of God, Yeshua the Messiah, through the Word of God (the Bible) (that is not limited to the ink on the page but is Spirit and life) I went from spiritual blindness of a past experience of life I had always known, to the veil being torn, into a new experience I never thought could truly exist to such an extent (though I had heard before.)
When the ink on the pages of the Bible became living and active to me, the revelation of the Gospel hit me, and I knew that I knew that I knew more than anything I had ever known to be true, the single greatest mystery and the only purpose for living.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ, this timeless message of good news is upon the human race. It’s for the world. The call of God, the living God who always existed and His eternal Son before the beginning is calling us out of the realm of darkness, having the power to translate us to the Kingdom of His dear Son when we answer the call. By the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is hovering over the masses, waiting for the Word to be spoken, to be preached.
This is what I live for now. To preach the glorious Gospel of Christ, the Son of God who died to set us free, and ressurected to conquer death and the devil, and give us His own resurrection life. The same Son who ascended to the Father, to send us another Helper, His very own Holy Spirit to live within us. To make known to us the things that no eye has seen. The things that no ear has heard. The things that have not entered into the hearts of mankind, to give us a new nature than the first Adam, but the very nature of God, and to equip us with power on high to fulfill the great commission. To preach the Gospel, prophesy, and walk in signs, wonders, and miracles.
Now my life cannot be for any other purpose, I have seen too much. I have heard the call of God. And I am not afraid to believe in Him in me as He sends me to the places He desires. He has anointed me to break the bondages and powers of the enemy off of people’s lives through the living Word, just like He did for me.
He is calling and drawing all men to Himself, longing that they would seek Him with their whole hearts that they would be able to taste and see His goodness that surpasses all else, that they would have the ability to forsake all else and follow Him.
The promise and the experience of eternal life is here and now, and the Kingdom of God is at hand. People must repent and turn to the living God, that they may be saved.
Will you partner with me for this work the Lord is equipping me in? You will have equal share, an eternal reward from being a laborer in the harvest of souls on earth. Nothing is more important than this!