Michel van Kempen

Michel, a Dutchman & Patricia a Peruvian have been married for almost 4 years, after having known each other for over 13 years. Both have worked with their local churches in Peruvian mission fields like the jungle and slums of Lima and with youth gangs. In the years they have seen a lot of young people coming to Jesus, but also young people being killed by gang violence as well as of lots of testimonies of minors being trafficked into prostitution.
Michel and Patricia manage Ark of Hope Peru, a Ministry focusing on AWARENESS & SENSIBILITY CAMPAIGNS against Human Trafficking and aftercare for Victims. Since 2015, we have teamed up with school directors, local authorities and police as well as representatives of the judicial branch to reach out to students and eventually detect cases of abuse or HT.
Peru is ranked #3 in Latin America´s list of HT countries. Peru´s effort against HT is gaining, but we believe that a holistic aftercare program based on God´s love is needed to make victims whole again.