Justin Micklin
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Hi! I’m Justin!

I retired after a long career as a firefighter and paramedic in North Texas and was led to become a teacher in bilingual education. I believe that in this new path, God uses me to provide knowledge and guidance to boys and girls who would otherwise be unable to learn science and English so they can gain greater understanding of His ways.

I am currently serving in a small town in the mountains of Honduras. This is an amazing opportunity for me to help increase the amount of education offered to the children in this rural area and, because we use a Biblically-based curriculum, it is also a chance for me to share God’s message while empowering them to achieve their goals. Bilingual education has unique challenges, especially when cultural differences and social inequalities are factored in. It is a field that calls to my heart and I am passionate about.

Justin Micklin

Sadly, educational disparities are profound in Honduras and even more devastating in rural areas like Gracias and the surrounding villages. Nearly 25% of Honduran children drop out after completing primary school and less than 50% ever enroll in secondary school, the majority of whom are in urban places. Almost three quarters of teenagers have quit school by age 16, resulting in a large group vulnerable to recruitment into criminal activities, a high illiteracy rate, and an unskilled workforce. As a science and chemistry teacher, I can help inspire my grade 8-11 students to be passionate about their education and continue on with it. Helping them learn and perfect their English language skills will give them yet another tool for a successful future.